3 easy steps to target your marketing strategy

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Imagine you’re Choupo-Moting, in-form player for Stoke City F.C. You’re practising taking penalties during training, because you know you need to consolidate your technique before the match against Newcastle F.C. on Saturday. Without an equal balance between tactical strategy and ability to identify an opportunity, you’ll never score.

The same theory applies to marketing. Before you can start chasing potential clients and taking shots, you should know at whom your products and branding is targeted. It’s important to have a clearly defined idea about the sort of clients, customers or businesses you want to attract, because it keeps your marketing strategy focused.

We understand this can be challenging, so here are three easy steps to effectively target your marketing.


Identify demographics

To define your target audience, you should start by thinking about your products or services. Ask simple questions, like ‘What problems does this product solve?’ or ‘Who would benefit from this service?’ This makes it easier to identify which demographics to target. As any footballer will tell you: to hit your target and get the ball in the net, you must first be clear about where you’re aiming. As a business owner, discover what you can offer potential customers, allowing you to target your marketing and communicate messages effectively. 


Tailor brand messaging

After building a clear idea of your customer, analyse whether there is any way you can tailor your brand messages. Can it be improved or clearer? It’s no secret that footballers regularly train to improve their skills and keep ahead of the game. To be a successful business, you must be able to market your product or service as something your customer needs. People are more likely to buy something if they think it will improve or enhance their life in some way.


Evaluate the opposition

Whilst you’re researching your customers and improving your products or services, take the time to research your competition. After all, their customers will potentially be your customers. Footballers who are particularly good at taking penalties will evaluate the opponent’s goalkeeper, looking for ways to sneak past his defence and score a goal. Review the marketing strategies of other businesses in your industry and use the knowledge to deliver stronger and more effective messages, winning customers.

Only after you have done this crucial preparation of identifying specific customers, can you begin to create a marketing strategy and successfully deliver your marketing messages. Line up the ball, aim and shoot.

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