A work in process

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

How do you keep on top of all the jobs, projects and teams going on in a busy office? To make sure we are efficient and all pulling in the same direction.

It’s something we have been thinking about this year as we refine who Starbots is and look closely at how we are unique and why it is that we are so special. Last week we talked about the team and how that’s is key to our success, we all support one another and learn from each other and it’s why our clients come back time and time again.

So what about the future? One of our core values is ‘Vision – always forward thinking’, what does that look like for our team?


We have recently employed a new member of the team although 5 months in, Linzi doesn’t feel new any more, having put her through her paces with fast turn around jobs she has shown she’s a true Starbot! Now we are looking to the future again and how we might grow with more people.

How do we grow and ensure we keep our quality and values? This week we have been exploring our processes from lead generation to debrief. We all got together for a workshop to work our what happens in between and how we make sure anyone new coming into the business, as well as our clients, know how we work and what the expectations are.

It took some time… a lot of time because although we all do the process and know what’s expected, this is the first time we have put it down, which is where a large blackboard comes in handy!

We still have work to do, there are checklists to be made and infographics of the process to be designed because being designers we need something beautiful to look at! We know looking to the future, having a process will keep our vision on the right track!