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Marketing challenges for Academic Venues

Academic venues have so many attributes. Whether it’s stunning architecture offering unique experiences or simply great facilities that tick every box, your academic venue could be the answer to an event organiser’s brief. However, are you marketing these selling points effectively to your prospects?

Explaining benefits, providing solutions and answering your prospects’ requirements form the foundations of your marketing. And, great marketing will anticipate prospects’ needs even before they actively look for you. While all the time, keeping in touch with long-term clients – reminding them of your expertise, support and services.

However, academic venue events & sales teams have a tough gig at times. You struggle with this vital marketing function. Although you’re crucial to the university’s commercial success, you can tend to be at battle with your own institution – often being pushed down the priority list when it comes to marketing support.

The results? Initially, marketing that lacks strategic direction and a strain to deliver the marketing products you need. Overall, an untapped potential that could be seen in increased sales.

Marketing support when you need it

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Flexible marketing support

When you’re struggling with internal support from your institution, we can be the equivalent of an in-house marketing team that focuses on your needs. And, we can also work in conjunction with an in-house team – providing you with the right support when you need it.

Understanding your structure

We have consistent experience in working with academic venues, and therefore appreciate the internal culture within academic institutions. From recognising the importance of branding guidelines to following sign-off processes, our knowledge ensures an easy and effective partnership.

Stand-out design

We work with your sales teams to successfully deliver marketing campaigns with creative, flexible design – while always remaining authentic and understanding the importance of consistency to the umbrella brand.

Focusing on your prospects

To achieve a great return on your investment, we always focus on your target audience. We unearth as much detail as we can about them so each campaign is tailored to tap right into their desires, requirements, personality, characteristics and so on. Then, we define how we engage them and convert them through campaigns.

“For our commercial marketing, Starbots Creative is a member of the team. They understand what their clients are trying to achieve.”

Marcus Wilson - Head of Commercial Marketing, Liverpool University


Stand out through creative visuals

Your target audience is out there. Opening emails, reading brochures, searching websites, passing signs, scrolling social media. All of them consuming marketing products. So, how do you stand out?

In our highly visual world, graphic design is key to your sales & marketing collateral engaging with the right people. Enhancing your brand while staying authentic to your institution guidelines, our graphic design works by focusing on user-driven strategy. Meaning we don’t just design to look good – we make sure it works as part of your overall marketing campaign.

Graphic design services

— Campaign designs
— Brochures & editorial design
— Infographics
— Web pages
— Events & exhibitions artwork
— Social media & digital assets
— Illustration
— Animation
— Character design & development
— Logo and brand design
— Brand development & brand guidelines


Convert your online audience

Getting your voice heard online can be difficult because it’s a noisy place. However, with the right digital strategy and marketing tools in place,
you can speak above the crowd.

As an academic venue, this will likely start with responsive web design. Then, you’ll reach out to your audience through various digital tools – from email marketing to social media. We support your digital marketing by supplying the marketing products you need – supported by strategy that always considers what is right for your target audience.

Digital marketing services

— Responsive web design
— Technical & long-term SEO
— Social media
— Digital graphics (infographics, gifs etc.)
— Digital copy (blogs, website copy etc.)
— Digital animation
— Email campaigns
— Landing pages


Engage with your prospects

How well do you know you target audience?
What jobs do they hold? How do they do business?
What could help them in their day-to-day life? Content marketing is all about tapping into this. And, serving your target audience with informative collateral – that educates, entertains and even, inspires. This creates relationships with your target audience – increasing the chances of converting them into paying clients.

Content achieves many marketing goals – from brand awareness to lead generation. We help you understand what you want to achieve and then create creating content that your target audience wants to consume.

Content marketing services

— Social media
— Blogging
— Case studies
— Infographics
— Website pages
— Brochures & leaflets
— Articles & press releases
— Email content
— Video scripts & animation
— Other content marketing services to fit your marketing strategy


Outsource your marketing function

Whether it’s professionally designed brochures or an effective email campaign that you need support with, we always approach it the same way. We’re not just about the ‘doing’, we are about the ‘thinking’ – and will always consider how each marketing tactic fits into your overall goals and strategy.

That’s why we call ourselves ‘full-service’ because we can truly support you with not just part of your marketing – but your whole marketing. Always with a solid foundation built on user-centric strategy. That means we always focus on what will engage – and convert – your target audience.

Full marketing services

— Marketing strategy
— Content marketing (blogging, website copy, newsletters, infographics etc.)
— Digital marketing (WordPress websites, social media, email etc.)
— Branding & rebranding
— Graphic design
— Illustration & animation

A creative, full-service marketing agency

We achieve academic venues’ goals through stand-out branding, impactful design, engaging content and digital marketing that create conversations with the right people.

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