All that glitters

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

“I’ve got some glitter body spray”

I felt like someone had thrown me back to the 90’s for a second when I heard that phrase from Jo on the other side of my desk.

But it’s ok I thought, it’s just our Christmas party night…

And we didn’t half party! The Starbots love a good night out together, burning off our mince pies on the dance floor and busting a move to all the good ones…and the bad ones, just whatever is on really.

Last Friday night we all rolled up at Keele Hall for a glitzy, glamorous night. I rolled up a touch late, but still in time for the welcome drinks so pretty well timed I thought! We then ate our way through a spectacular 5 course meal, the food seemed to keep on coming and just as I thought I might never stand again the DJ opened the dance floor and it was the moment all office Christmas parties are waiting for… time to bust a move, throw some shapes and hopefully not pull a muscle!

Those are the moments when I realise how good it is to work with a team that are like family (well some of them actually are) where we all just seem to fit together. We are all very different but I think that’s what makes us such a good team, well a family really, so that when one person in the team needs a bit of help or another opinion on something they are working on, we are all happy to get involved.

We like to work on branding projects as one team because we know we all have something unique to offer and we are stronger because of it. There’s no competition in our office, it just doesn’t make sense to us…surely we want to offer something that’s the best it can be.

And when you work with us you’re part of the fam too! So I guess you could say all the glitters at Starbots really is gold and not just because of Jo’s glitter spray…