Why consistency is key to your marketing strategy

Like many things in life forming good habits takes time and effort. And whether it’s a new exercise regime or simply keeping your desk tidy, if you stick to it and be consistent – you’ll see positive results. At Starbots, we think you can apply this same logic to your marketing strategy…

User-centric marketing strategy

When we say ‘marketing strategy’ we don’t mean some abstract concept tucked away in your business plan. We mean a real plan of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it – informed by a set of goals and centred on attracting your target audience.

When marketing strategy considers consistency as a key ‘must’ – this is when we see your brand thrive, meaning great success for your business.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how consistency can work wonders for your marketing strategy.

How you look – your visual branding

Does your business look and sound consistent?

Picture some of the most iconic brands. Does a colour palette come to mind? Or maybe a particular shape or some stand-out iconography?

Let’s take Pepsi as an example. Even within their television advertising, actors will be wearing clothes that match Pepsi’s core brand colours – red and blue.

Using a consistent visual approach means that your audience recognises it’s your business straight away. That’s extremely powerful – especially in our largely digital world where we are consuming information faster and faster within the social media ‘scroll’.

We can help you create a stand-out visual brand identity that you can use across everything you do – from your website to your business cards.

How you sound – your brand’s voice

Yes, visuals are very powerful – but once you’ve made that first connection with your target audience, the impact of your words comes into play.

And, being consistent with what you say and how you say it is vital if you want to create relationships with your target audience – and convert them into clients.

Your messaging

Your ‘messaging’ is about defining exactly what you do, how you do it, why you do it – and most importantly, who it’s for. Then, this informs all of your marketing.

Defined messaging means you always clearly communicate the benefits of your service/ product to your target audience.

Your tone of voice

How do you sound when you talk as your business? Are you relatable, but professional? Or authoritative, but chatty? Or maybe – friendly, but to-the-point?

However you sound, you need to make sure you’re consistent with it. That way you’re always talking to the same focused target audience – and they know (and like) you for it.

Imagine if your website copy is written in a formal manner but then your social media is jokey and conversational. Could that confuse your target audience? Or, worst – disinterest them completely?

When we help you with a brand revolution or evolution we take a look at your brand’s messaging & tone of voice – as it’s a huge part of your brand’s personality – which must suit your target audience’s personality too.

How often you publish – your marketing campaigns

How often do you publish? Are you consistent?

Perhaps the most obvious point in this blog is how consistently you publish your marketing content.

Whether you have decided to blog or send informative emails to your prospects, having a consistent schedule creates a better user experience.

Why? Well, your customers know when you update your blog, they expect your monthly email and they may even forget you if you don’t show up on social media regularly.

At the end of the day, your prospects or customers are human beings. And as human beings, we create relationships with people we have consistent contact with. It’s very much the same with brands.

When creating marketing strategy with our clients we always recommend using customer data from analytical tools like Google Analytics and social media insights. It helps you decide when to publish content – and how often – to work best for your target audience.

How do you make sure your marketing is consistent?

Balancing consistency but still moving your business – and its brand – forward can be challenging to get right.

From not being sure what your actual tone of voice should be to just not having the time or resources to create a proactive content marketing schedule there are lots of hurdles.

However, we can help you jump over them.

Our results-driven approach means we analyse your business offering and target audience to create a consistent brand with a consistent content marketing strategy that works.

Get in touch to find out about our full-service marketing – which offers branding, graphic design, digital marketing and content marketing.


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