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I’ve been reading a book recently called “How to break up with your phone” and it’s changing the way that I interact with my smartphone. Crucially, I didn’t purchase the book, instead it was thrust upon me by a disgruntled Kate. Beyond the personal insights however, the book also addresses an important digital topic: When does digital marketing become noise that interferes with, rather than enhancing, our lives?  To me it feels like digital advertising is reaching a tipping point. It’s comfortably part of everyday life but users are more aware of their rights and beginning to control who earns their attention.

digital marketing process to engage prospects

Stand-out digital advertising during the awareness stage

The rise of smartphones over the last ten years has caused a seismic shift in B2B marketing. As businesses now have almost unlimited ability to reach new audiences at any time and in any place. It’s been great, hasn’t it? Smartphones allowing brand content to ping into conversations, interrupt showers and ruin films. But this interruption which we call ‘reach’ won’t last forever. If the user considers your content as noise or doesn’t trust your brand, they’ll quickly reconfigure their notifications. The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal made everyone aware of the privilege we give to social media channels and providers. Now users are beginning to redefine what content they allow to ‘ping’ into their lives. So if your content isn’t personalised to your prospect, their age, gender, interests or motivation then it’s unlikely that they’ll ever acknowledge your posts and interact with your brand.

Appropriate visuals increase user engagement by as much as 94%

Instagram has become a powerful digital content sales tool. I myself have brought Socks from Portugal and Wall Art from America. Both of which appeared in my Instagram feed as paid advertising, probably because the businesses used my data to present me with products that would enhance my life. They grabbed my attention with retro graphics and a decent product. And in a busy world, where I want to spend less time on my phone and more time enjoying time with my family, shouldn’t we welcome the power and the customer service that data-driven advertising creates? I for one don’t want to waste time seeing products that I don’t want or need. I would assume that your prospects think the same.

Targeted digital content during the consideration stage

Like me do you feel exhausted and unfulfilled after  ‘checking’ your smartphone? Yes, then that’s probably a sign that your smartphone is out of control. The brands, channels and influencers you are following are not adding to your digital experience. At Starbots when we create designs we think about our clients brand and focus on creating impactful designs. After all, our clients come to us for creative input, to take their product and messaging and present it in the most engaging way possible. Your digital advertising has to stand out above all the digital content noise, it needs to be memorable, targeted and, where possible, use emotion to influence those who actually make the decisions.

80% of advertising decisions are based on emotions

Kick-ass digital: helping your prospects make the right decision

Left uncontrolled our smartphones bombard us every day with countless cold calls, special offer emails and pop up adverts, so it’s not surprising that users can quickly regard brands as disconnected and part of the irrelevant marketing conveyor belt.

23% of marketers believe creative marketing is essential to driving brand loyalty.

Your prospects are real people, with personal interests, needs and motivations. If your business can improve their life in some way, then it’s appropriate to create content for them. If not, save your breath and refocus your energy. We are all more likely to respond to a personalised email, post or video. So instead of bombarding them with irrelevant content, value their time, and focus on making their lives easier by sending them informative content that allows them to do their job better and make their boss happy.

Are you looking to improve your digital customer journey? Let’s have a chat and see where it leads.

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