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How has business changed for you in 2020? Lots! That’s your likely answer! Because if you picture things this time last year. Then picture things now. Well, the way we do business has changed massively! In ways we never imagined.

And at first, did you think these changes would be temporary? A way of weathering the storm? Many of us did. But then, we noticed a lot of these changes are here to stay… for the long-run! Because the reality is that some of these adaptations to our working world are great. Even if they did feel “forced upon us” at first.

In fact, it’s now clear that we like working more digitally. Remote working – great! Less commuting – great! Better online experiences – great! This all fits into modern-day life. And for business, it improves everything from process efficiency to employee productivity.

Big organisations like Barclays Bank admit that big offices “may be a thing of the past”. This makes us think if they’re thinking this way, how long until everyone will be thinking this way? Source: BBC News

How we’ve helped businesses with digital marketing consultation

Over the past couple of months, we’ve successfully helped some great businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Their goal at first? To continue doing business during these turbulent times. But their goal now? Mostly, they want to continue developing. They want to futureproof their business through long-term digital enhancements. And it’s something we love helping them achieve.

Because now, our clients – from the education sector through to the house-selling industry – see that digital is here to stay. And the changes we initially put in place to help them set up and adjust are now something that we can continue to build on – so they can do great business, in this new working world.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the digital ways we’ve helped proactive businesses adapt for this new working world. These are some of the ways we can help you too.

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Enabled remote learning


Schools, colleges and universities may be shut but learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Something we’ve known for ages but never been forced to implement this on a full-time, full-scale basis.

When closures were announced, we started to take in-classroom lessons and build them into online courses for our education-based clients. With a goal of making resources accessible at-home, we’ve created:

  • Resources for live-stream interactive workshops
  • Animated videos for fun lesson experience
  • Downloadable resources like pdf-worksheets
  • Video playback on websites

And whether it’s a maths lesson for kids or a training video for adults, you need great design to deliver your material effectively – so that your students have a great experience regardless of the fact they’re in a virtual learning environment. Therefore, it wasn’t just about “making it happen” – but “designing it to be a success”.

Read the Higher Horizons case study here

Switch to virtual services


Just because you’re “out of office” doesn’t mean you’re not working. But undeniably at first, it felt hard to be “business as usual”.

That’s why for many of our service-based business clients, they are rapidly digitising their business – so work can be done “from their dining room table”. Here are some of the digital enhancements we’ve put in place:

  • Booking systems on websites
  • Personalised video services
  • Enabling live chat & chatbots
  • Building finance calculators
  • Developing video content
  • Supportive collateral

Overall, carrying out consultations or conducting “virtual” versions of the service you offer is relatively easy – thanks to services like Zoom. However, again, it’s not just about “doing”. It’s about delivering a great service for your clients, regardless of the “limitations”.

Going about this strategically and thinking “how can I make things better/ easier/ smoother for my target audience/ dream client?” can be the difference between delivering a below-par virtual service that just about “weathers the storm” or delivering something exceptional that is futureproofed for our new working work.

Learn how to refine your online services by booking your free 30-minute marketing consultation.

Accelerated e-commerce

If you’re a product-based business, ensuring your customer can easily buy from you online has never been so important. After all, if you’re not an “essential business”, recently it will have counted for 100% of your transactions.

That’s why we’ve made sure our clients’ product-based businesses are fully equipped to deal with online sales. We’ve done this by setting up:

  • Multi-product stores
  • Donation sites
  • Event payments
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Reservation/ booking fee handling systems

However, once again, all these e-commerce enhancements are carefully thought-through. We always ask: “what’s best for your user?” and “what’s best for your target audience?” to work towards a “frictionless” checkout experience.

Because we’ve all been there. Whether in the b2b or b2c world, if you’re trying to make a purchase and you meet obstacles, you’re more likely to give up. Therefore, anything we’ve implemented for our clients has been adapted to make the customer experience smooth – without any annoying hurdles.

Ensure your e-commerce website converts into great sales by working with us.

Taken relationship-nurturing online

How are you caring for your client-base? During this time, it’s a question we’ve kept our clients focused on when it comes to their marketing. Because a vital part of any marketing strategy is making your customer feel cared for.

However, a lack of in-person interaction means businesses need to think about alternative ways to nurture client relationships.

Enhanced digital communication methods

Firstly and practically, how are you there for your customers?

For our clients, they needed digital communication to still feels human. We wanted to avoid the lamented “I just want to speak to a human!” that can be associated with the digital world.

From live chat features to active social media presence, we’ve transformed the online experience for our clients’ users. And the reality? This isn’t a temporary measure. Regardless of lockdown periods and indefinite social distancing, having great online communication is something customers demand – even more so after experiencing how it can be. 

Created premium content

Secondly, we’ve refocused our clients’ content strategy to ensure it’s consistently adding value to their clients’ lives in their new working environment.

From imparting high-level knowledge to entertaining and raising morale, creating premium content has never been so important as part of your customer experience strategy. It says “we’re here, we’re the experts, we’re here to help, we care… don’t worry”.

Furthermore, another advantage of easy-to-digest and super-useful content is it makes your business more efficient. From answering your clients’ burning questions to soothing their pain points, great content can help reduce the inbound volume of support calls and requests you receive.

Undeniably, this is a vital step in the sales funnel too. Reducing hurdles (the friction), you answer questions through informative content. Simply, it’s a better experience that has become the “new norm” – and something the client will now expect, rather than simply desire.

Ways we’ve introduced premium content to improve our clients’ businesses:

  • Online video tools
  • Gated website portals for VIP access to premium content
  • Shifting document storage onto collaboration platforms
  • Personalised video to keep in touch
  • Premium client email strategies

Speak to us to refocus your content strategy for this new working world. Mention our free 30-minute consultation to get started.

Modernise your business for the new working world

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our working world. Indefinitely. And although we all miss in-person interactions, this pandemic has taught us that we can mostly replicate our daily business lives through digital tools.

And what’s great about this? In many cases, it is better than a face-to-face situation. More effective. More productive. And more liked by your clients, prospects and wider target market.

Digital consultation – developing our clients’ long-term digital changes

A lot of our clients are continuously developing their business for this new working world.

What started off as a quick pause, pivot and adaption is now paving the way for an exciting shift in the way they do business. Yes, some things will return to pre-pandemic life. But also? It’s likely that elements of our society and culture will remain changed forever – in a very positive way.

And the fact we’re able to constantly prepare our clients for this is something we’re truly proud of at Starbots Creative.

Arrange your free digital marketing consultation

Develop your business for the new working world by working with us.To get started, simply submit your details below to ask about an initial strategy session – where we’ll outline the initial actions your business needs to take in this increasingly digital world.


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