Social media audiences are ruthless – boost your reach with good design

Your social media habits have changed, haven’t they? As a nation, we are skilled at skim reading social media feeds in search of content that interests, shocks or entertains us. Without considered content and good design readers will never be interested in what you have to say.

Interest levels in social media marketing are dictated by our motivation, the goals we are looking to achieve, the design of a post, and lastly the content. Now, it’s difficult to influence people’s motivation or their goals, but with good design and considered content, we can create posts that prick the interest levels of a user and persuade them to acknowledge your content.

When people scan social feeds, they are hunters searching for precisely what they’re looking for. As a creative agency, our mission is to use good design practice to turn the hunter into the hunted. So how do you increase the awareness of your brand? Here are our top 4 tips:

Good social media GIFs tell a compelling storysocial media story

Remember you are not selling a product or service. You’re showing how we can live a better life with your product or service in it. Creating a compelling story increases your ability to influence a readers motivation and turning ‘reach‘ into engagement.

Great social media marketing shows personalitysocial media personality

Telling a story isn’t enough, it has to be compelling and feel authentic. Creating social videos claiming that your product or service is faster, stronger, or just better than anything else won’t cut it. Since everyone is trying hard to sell something, be it a philosophy, product or service. There are only so many robotic sales posts your audience will read before they start to question if there’s a real person behind it.

Good design makes sure viewers can’t look awaygood design

Visual content dominates on social media. Using creativity allows your posts to stand out of the clutter generated by virtually thousands of other businesses. But without knowing who you are aiming at you’re hitting a social media brick wall. Save yourself some time and picture your perfect client clearly. They will respond positively to images on social media because our brains interpret this information quicker than text.

Social media good practice: Small is beautiful

Don’t include anything that doesn’t advance the story. You are not trying to appeal to everyone, your aim is to grab your target and keep them visually and emotionally engaged. Cut unnecessary content …

digital simplicity

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