The 4 Key Benefits of Email Marketing for your Small Business (and Best Practices)

Ever heard the phrase, ‘email marketing is dead’? Us too. It’s been thrown around in the digital landscape ever since social media platforms made their mark in the minds of consumers across the globe.

But, as the title of this blog suggests, we’re here to blow this myth out of the water and talk about the big benefits of email marketing.

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So, what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that lands straight into customer inboxes. It is used by both B2B and B2C brands, across a range of smaller and bigger businesses, largely to promote products or services. But there’s much more to it than that.

Direct email marketing is a great way to keep your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds, add value to your customer base and develop targeted campaigns to increase awareness and sales.

And in a 2021 study, it was found that “There are 4 billion daily email users. [And] This number is expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025.” (HubSpot). So, this could just be the perfect marketing tool to promote and grow your business this year.

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What are the benefits of email marketing?

1. Creating Personalised Content

Direct email marketing has an inherently personal nature, but you can take this even further by segmenting audiences, using personalisation tools and creating variations of your content.

A successful email marketing strategy will always take each group of its audience into consideration. And this will change depending on what you set out to achieve. You might need to segment your audience by their purchase habits, interests or geographical location.

You can then develop targeted campaigns and tailor your emails to a specific audience segment, by creating variations of subject lines, sending emails out at different times of the day or exploring a catalogue of imagery.

2. Generating Web Traffic

Direct email marketing is one of the best marketing tactics to increase visits to your website. Whether you’re promoting your products and services or sharing an educational blog with your audience, it’s important for SEO to send your audience straight to your website.

You can do this by weaving clickable images throughout the content, or include call to action (CTA) buttons that link through to your online content. And remember to take your readers straight there. Making the journey as easy as possible for the audience means they’re more likely to stay on your website.

Software tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot and Omnisend help you to monitor opens, clicks and sales, so you can test and improve your emails as your statistics pool grows.

3. Adding Value to your Audience

What’s one of the best ways to engage with your audience? Provide them with valuable content. This goes back to the idea of your brand being at the forefront of consumers’ minds and giving them a reason to buy from you. For example, you can use email marketing to send out a monthly newsletter, send promotional codes or offers to loyal customers or keep readers updated with industry insights.

Remember, these consumers have opted into receiving communications from your brand, so it’s likely they’ll appreciate you keeping in touch and engage with your content.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Looking for a cost-effective marketing tool? You know where we’re going with this. An email is a simple, cost-effective marketing tool that you can weave into any marketing strategy.

Email marketing requires a small amount of time to create the content, including copy and design. In fact, the sweet spot for a brand email is anywhere between 75 – 100 words (Drip), making it an efficient addition to your marketing toolkit if you’re struggling to find the time for the more time-consuming methods.

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