Time for a rebrand? 3 red flags that you can easily miss…

A rebrand is usually a natural step for many growing businesses – because things change, and successful businesses adapt.

From asking if you’re positioned correctly in your market to checking your brand represents you and your offering properly, there are many things to consider when it comes to your branding.

However, sometimes the red flags that your current brand is underperforming can be subtle.

That’s why we’ve put together a blog post to help you spot the warning signs that it’s time for a rebrand. You may be surprised at how ‘normal’ they are!

1. You have the wrong people knocking at your door

Time for a rebrand clients

A good brand will attract the right people, and ultimately convert a percentage of these people into paying customers.


Well, it sounds simple.

However, creating a brand that taps into exactly the kind of person you want to be doing business with is a bit more than a nice-looking logo and some fancy stationery.

Imagine every month you have 100 customers enquire about your services/ products.

Out of 100, only one is right for you – they require your services/ products and they have the budget – so the deal goes ahead.

The other 99? You were out of their budget. Or, maybe you didn’t actually do what they needed.

Oh well? Actually, no – not “oh well” – that’s cost your business a lot in time and resources.

Therefore, a good rebrand will look at how to convert prospects into customers – because it’s targetted at the right people from the start.The user experience – if it’s broke, fix it

2. You feel embarrassed handing out marketing collateral or directing prospects to your website

Time for a rebrand proud

Ah, wonderful. You’ve just listened to your colleague’s pitch for a really important prospect – and it sounds great!

You’ve got a fantastic chance of securing this deal.

And then… your heart sinks.

Your business cards make you cringe – and well, as for your brochures, they certainly don’t show what you really can do.

These things can ultimately affect your success – so getting it right matters.

If your ‘higgledy-piggledy’ marketing collateral is sparking negative (but sometimes subtle) emotions – it’s probably time to consider a rebrand.

A rebrand not only allows you to bring everything in line for an overall professional appearance, but it can make sure you are getting the right message across to your prospects.

3. You say, “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Time for a rebrand evolve

Consistent brands are great. Stagnant brands, however, are not.

Trends in branding evolve. And it’s not to say you always need to be chasing the latest trend – not at all.

Actually, you should have a brand that can naturally evolve. A brand that stands the test of time is one that can move with the times.

Sound a little vague?

What we mean is that if you feel your brand is outdated and you haven’t actively changed anything in a long time, it’s probably a good idea to get an outsider’s perspective to see if it’s still actually working for your business – and the current times.

When it doesn’t, a rebrand can help you get aligned with your business goals – which have likely evolved from when you first started up, so why not let your brand evolve too?

Rebranding reasons, galore!

Time for a rebrand logo

Don’t get us wrong – there are lots of reasons out there why you should rebrand. These are not the only ones.

It totally depends on the individual company, market & industry trends and your ambitions for the future.

Serious rebranding decisions

However, some reasons are more serious. They need more immediate attention. An infamous example would be Malaysian Airlines who lost two aircraft within the space of six months.

The obvious solution would seem to be a rebrand. However, they didn’t – not visually, at least.

Why not? Well, the reality is that the more serious the reason, the more there is at stake – like a rebrand backfiring.

But of course, that’s an extreme example. Mostly, it’s simply a case of a rebrand is the right progressive next step for your business.

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How do you get started with a rebrand?

Not sure if a rebrand should be your next step? Don’t worry! We can help you decide on the right way forward – whether that be a full revolution of your brand or an evolution to develop your existing brand.

Our results-driven approach to marketing strategy means we analyse your business offering and target customer to advise on the right way to get the right people knocking on your door.


Get in touch to find out about our rebranding services – from graphic design to digital marketing, we can help you on your rebranding journey.


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