Upwardly mobile: The mobile phone revolution Part 2

In part one of this two blog series, we looked at the history of the mobile phone and the rise of the smartphone. Now, we concentrate on the here and now, and how Starbots will deliver outstanding mobile solutions for your company.

The mobile phone is a personal device

Users and Trends

Unlike home desktops and laptops, which are often shared resources, mobile phones are very much a personal device. The turnover of these devices is often high, with consumers updating to the latest device to keep up with the latest trends.

In our previous article, we looked at how and why users use mobiles at certain times of the day, and this is something we’re really knowledgeable and passionate about when it comes to how it affects our clients. An example? Well, between the hours of the 9am to 5pm desktop traffic surges as office-based users log on. Those at a desk are more likely to research online and converse about business and non-business-related topics on their computers than on mobile phones during these hours. This behaviour has been the root cause for both the slow reaction to the ‘mobile’ phenomenon by business, and the subsequent overreaction that every project needs to be mobile above all else.

Your mobile communication offer also depends on just what type of business you are, too. If you are a news vendor, app developer, social platform, game platform or B2C – then the mobile route may well be your primary one. Whilst there is a sizable B2B market that would be better served understanding the purchasing habits of their customers between 9am-5pm.

Mobile First?

If your needs don’t match the ‘mobile-first’ paradigm, don’t be surprised or discouraged; this doesn’t mean your user base is out of touch, it just means that their buying habits may suit the desktop environment better.

mobile phone usage

Why Starbots?

No matter the nature of any problems, smartphones will inevitably be part of the solution. At Starbots, we always analyse your web analytics, and in conjunction with our industry know-how will help to deliver the best solution for you and your users. How? Because we focus on the following (amongst other things!)…..

  • Web Design
  • User experience
  • Navigation
  • Ergonomics
  • Optimisation
  • Connection

We could go into far more detail in this article about navigation systems; responsive web design solutions; variable screen sizes; how multiple devices presents unique ergonomic challenges; uneven 4G connections; usability problems caused by bloated websites that have optimisation issues, and the like……but we really want/need to talk to you directly about this and how we can make a real difference.

mobile phone - adapt to the technology and screen sizes of the user

At Starbots, responsive web design is a technique that we use to ensure that the websites we build for our clients adapt to the technology and screen sizes that they are being displayed on. And by focusing on the user journey and the content first, we can adjust the way that this is displayed on multiple devices whilst maintaining only one, manageable codebase.

Please rest assured, at Starbots we base our approach to your project on careful consideration of your users’ behaviour and your market place activity. You will get the bespoke, professional, creative, and successful solutions that your company requires.


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