Why Your Business Needs A Marketing Workshop

Does your marketing need direction? If it’s feeling ineffective or a little disjointed, you will benefit from a marketing workshop.


Our marketing workshops are tailored to the needs of your business, covering everything from brand positioning and key messaging, to content strategy and budget plans. And instead of just supporting you with the important background stuff, we help you develop a tactical approach to put each idea into practice.

What is a marketing workshop?

A marketing workshop is a perfect opportunity to take a step back from being ‘in’ your business and take an outside look – to delve deep into the heart of your brand, your business goals and marketing objectives. You will work with a team of experts to gain insight and discover fresh opportunities to help you reach your business goals, as well as carve a clear path of how to implement them.  


The type of workshop that will best suit your business depends on your priorities. Of course a workshop can be completely bespoke and cover a range of elements, but we’ve outlined the outcomes of our brand, content and strategy workshops, below. These should help you decide what kind of workshop would benefit your business most.

Brand Workshop

Whether your business branding is out-of-date or you want to reach out to a new audience, a brand workshop will help you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the positioning of your business in relation to your competitors
  • Clarify your audience personas so that you always know who you’re talking to
  • Create a draft set of brand values that underpin all of your marketing efforts
  • Develop the raw components of your brand mission, vision, tone of voice, key messaging and brand narrative
  • Explore your visual identity to determine what refinement or development it might need to better reflect your brand

Content Workshop

In the modern world of marketing, content is king. And it can be difficult to get it right. But we can help you master your content with a workshop, where we will:

  • Craft an overall content strategy that is feasible for your business
  • Create an annual plan for your social media content, web content and digital campaigns
  • Define which channels and formats will be most effective within your content strategy
  • Determine a clear communication and copy strategy that effectively engages with your customers or clients

Strategy Workshop

Your marketing strategy is what gives direction to all of your marketing activity. It keeps your online presence on brand and ensures all of your marketing spend is focused towards hitting your goals and objectives. In a strategy workshop, we help you to:

  • Define your business and marketing objectives and ensure they align
  • Analyse your current position including your brand, web, social, SEO and campaign performance
  • Create a clear set of priorities that will support your defined objectives
  • Provide specific recommendations on tactics, channels and budget to deliver on your objectives

All of our workshops help you to gain a greater insight into your current position and how to move forward to achieve your overall marketing objectives. They provide you with specific recommendations to takeaway and will not only energise your marketing strategy, but your team too.

Do you want to refresh your marketing?

Get in touch with us to discuss the right workshop for you: info@starbots-creative.co.uk

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