How to brief your agency

Writing a document for marketing is a difficult task, but we will guide you and explain how to get the best out of your agency and supercharge the results. Think of a brief document as a blueprint for marketing your project that not only helps the digital agency but also will help you to shape the overall strategy and aims for the project.

ONE – Be compelling

Whatever it is that you are selling involves telling a story. And how well you tell that story influences whether your target audience engages with your brand, product or service. To win you more business we need to tap into something compelling, such as offering the consumer genuine insight that will improve their life. The best briefs, that deliver the best outcomes, focus on a truth that applies to a profitable proportion of your target audience.

who are you targeting

OK, We get this. No-one wants to turn away business. But if you’re selling a premium product, it’s unlikely that you’ll be targeting people whose household budgets are really stretched. So, to get the most out of your agency, and your budget, write a compelling story that demands attention. With a compelling reason to act you’ll find that your agency delivers pinpoint assets. Because when they truly understand the emotions and motivations behind your product or service the creative response always improves.

TWO – Be concise

What’s the most important thing to say or show? It might sound obvious, but on countless occasions we’ve received briefs that try and say everything. Instead, identify the single most persuasive statement you can present to achieve your objective. If you write your agency brief with this in mind you’ll find that your marketing material becomes more targeted and is achieved with less amends.

design like lightening

What your agency brief should say, in as few words as possible, is exactly what you want your prospects to remember. Then it becomes your agency’s job to design the most appropriate and engaging method of conveying your content. After all, most adults can only store between 5 and 9 items in their short-term memory. So it stands to reason that giving the consumer too much information can be as bad as giving too little information as it risks miscommunication.

THREE – Know when to challenge

Design is a really personal thing. Which is why we focus on creating a relationship with the client. We get to understand who they are, their purpose, and really get under their skin. For larger projects we usually have a kick-off meeting to go over the brief, ask questions or flag issues. This is where, as the client, you have to decide how happy you are to have your brand or messaging challenged.

fresh is the best brief

Do you want to give the designer a very specific set of guidelines or are you open to flexing the brand and trying something different? A creative team will always look for opportunities to push a brand forward, so it is essential that your brief document tells them exactly what must be included. Such as logos, tag lines, brand colours and your general likes and dislikes.

Request our perfect agency brief sheet here. It’s a brilliant document for organising your marketing and a great way to get the best out of your agency.

At Starbots our aim is to win small clients, and then help them to become big clients.



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