6 Techniques To Boost Your Word-of-Mouth

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Lately we’ve been venturing into the facets of marketing strategy that help you get the most out of your brand. We’ve covered increasing brand recognition and garnering repeat business – now we’re looking at word-of-mouth.

We’ve all made a decision based on the recommendation of someone we trust. But how do you get everyone talking about you?

  1. Be Worth Talking About

This should be a given – though more specifically it means providing a service that’s consistent with or exceeds what your stakeholders expect. If you want your customers or clients to talk about you positively, you need to be providing a service that’s worth talking about.

Apple have an incredibly fanatical customer base who advocate their products almost religiously. But they never would have achieved that without having exceptional merchandise and customer service.

If you aren’t providing a service to be proud of, you need to fix that before the rest of this advice can help you!

  1. Work With Industry Influencers

Leading sportswear companies regularly promote themselves through sponsorships with high-profile sports personalities. Under Armour have just kicked off a deal with Southampton FC that promotes the club’s new strip, but the campaign equally highlights Under Armour.

Having somebody that your target audience respects to advocate your brand goes a long way to increase word-of-mouth.

In a more local example, Clifton Bradeley’s health company Sub-4 just partnered with World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall to promote their first retail outlet in Newcastle-under-Lyme. And it’s working – the move has got people talking about them.

  1. Up Employee Approval

Good customer service and carefully planned sponsorship deals won’t carry you very far if your own employees are trashing your reputation on Facebook or at the pub.

Ensuring that your employees speak well about your business ultimately boils down to taking care of them and maintaining a space that people love working in – which is its own article.

You don’t have to offer nap pods in order to keep employees happy, either.

Doing an anonymous staff survey once a year can help to identify what aspect of company culture is most important to your employees, and will give you leads as to areas of greatest impact for increased employee satisfaction.

From here you can make your employees into the number one advocates for your brand.

  1. Get a Referral Programme

Research indicates that people were almost four times more likely to make a purchase when they were told about the service by a friend.

Providing an incentive for your client base to tell their mates is a tried-and-tested technique. A harmless “10% off for you and a friend” coupon not only increases the chances of a happy customer coming back, but also increases the chances that they’ll bring someone back with them.

This can be incorporated into free giveaways, too. An extra free product to give to a friend ensures word spreads quickly about your business.

  1. Grow an Interactive Social Media Presence

People talk about things they’re close to – so making your customers feel close to you is a strong way to promote a word-of-mouth response.

Interacting with customers on social media creates a personal connection with the brand, even if it’s just to thank them for a kind word about your services. Tone of voice is important here – make sure the people driving your social media all understand the tone you want to present.

This isn’t just great advice for businesses, either.

The power of an interactive social media presence was evident in the recent general election, too. The Labour Party harnessed social media to galvanise the disenfranchised younger generation into voting for them – sources show that Labour MPs were almost three times more active on Twitter than their Conservative counterparts in the two weeks leading up to the election, and their landslide sweep amongst the under-30 demographic shows it paid off.

In short; don’t neglect social media’s potential to get people talking about you.

  1. Create an Exclusive “Insider” Club

A core group of “insiders” that you’ve designated as loyal customers aren’t just good business – they’re good FOR business.

Especially if you let them know how important they are to you.

We tend to talk about things that make us feel valued – so making your core customer-base feel valued can get them singing your praises from the rooftops.

Here’s a quick-start way to get the ball rolling on your “insider” club:

  • Create a list of your most valuable customers. Don’t include everyone; exclusivity is key.
  • Get in touch with each person (hopefully you have some contact info – if not, put measures in place to pick it up next time they purchase from you), and let them know that you’re adding them to an exclusive list of insiders.
  • Provide benefits to the insider club. This could include special offers, referral benefits or exclusive opportunities to review your products and services.

This approach is especially effective if you approach your customer personally and highlight some specific action they’ve taken that separates them from the crowd; that way they’re assured of their importance to you.

Well-tended “insider” clubs can turn customer bases into fan bases – and fans like nothing more than talking about the thing that they’re fans of.

Take new-kids-on-the-block OnePlus as an example.

The smartphone manufacturer instituted an invite-only system on their principal releases in 2013, whereby a purchase could only be made upon invitation by a previous customer. The initiative drove desirability sky-high and lead to revenue of $300 million in the first year of sales.

Need an innovative way to get people talking about your business? Get in touch today!

The next You want more will focus on turning word-of-mouth into ‘customers for life’.