How to generate new business

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To do business first build a relationship

How does a business convert prospects to the stage where they’re willing to purchase?  Imagine someone knocks on your front door asking to borrow your leaf blower. If you don’t know the person you are unlikely to loan them the blower. But if you’ve seen the person walking the dog, taking the kids to school or putting the bins out you are more likely to loan them your stuff. So generating new business is essentially how can you change the mind of a consumer and go from somebody they don’t know to somebody they feel like they’ve known their whole life?

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It’s more than just grabbing their attention

The ability to standing out is often a mixture of impact and fear. This could be playing on a fear of missing out or the impact of a genuinely NEW product or service. All businesses have the ability to grab attention, but if this isn’t done correctly, then your campaign won’t positively impact on your objectives. And crucially not improve your bottom line. So persuading consumers to buy from you, again and again, is vital. What you really need is people to follow your business because they know you have genuine insight and expertise. Because it’s difficult to constantly grab an audience’s attention, so give people a reason to follow your business through reliable content.

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To buy or not to buy

Have you ever stopped and thought why would people follow us? Is it for ideas, insight, knowledge, fun or excitement? Once you know this you can create campaigns that put your business under your audience’s nose. So a target audience made up of Stoke-on-Trent males between 18-45 years old are statistically likely to be active on football platforms and channels. And if they’re searching for Stoke City’s latest training video and it just happens to have your construction firms advertising board in the background – that’s impressive. But you need to develop equally impressive content and style on social media, this will help massively to increase your conversion rate, and keep their attention longer.


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Supercharged social

Ask any young football fan about Billy and Jezza to understand the reach and business potential of social influencers. Billy and Jezza are known as The F2 and are global social influencers who are supported by Adidas and have created campaigns with Ubisoft, Konami and Beko. Brands with huge marketing budgets and global reach that partnered with two blokes and a football to engage with their audience. But they know that to improve conversion rates they need fun and exciting content to convince sections of their audience to buy.


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