A well-designed catalogue is a powerful marketing tool for selling your products and services.

Providing your target audience with detailed information, an effective catalogue clearly communicates benefits, builds trust – and encourages sales.

However, catalogue design & print is a big project to manage. So much more than a multi-page brochure, a catalogue can quickly become a headache if not handled efficiently – with many businesses underestimating the process involved. And the expertise required.

At Starbots Creative, we’re experienced in the design, print & delivery of large catalogues, across a range of different B2B and B2C industries. Built on a team of expert catalogue graphic designers and marketers, we handle the whole catalogue process for our clients – from planning to delivery – giving them complete peace of mind with their most powerful sales tool.

We have been continually impressed by how closely Starbots work with us to achieve our goals. Having produced many of T-T’s catalogues, Starbots go above and beyond to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.”

– Rebecca Jones, Marketing Manager, TT Pumps

How our catalogue design, print & management service works

At the heart of our catalogue creation service is expert graphic design – developing professional catalogues that stand out to your target audience. Taking your brand identity, we challenge your vision to create a catalogue design that is truly user-centric – meaning it’s focused on attracting, engaging and converting your ideal customer, as that’s often your ultimate goal.

We’ll also add our creative spark – helping you see how your catalogue design could elevate your overall brand and company image.

If you have existing catalogue designs, we’re also experienced in working within existing guidelines – and can confidently take over an existing catalogue design project.

Project management

Clear communication from the outset is key to a successful catalogue project that’s on time and on budget. After all, catalogues are often more complex than you may anticipate – and can become difficult and expensive if not managed effectively and efficiently.

Having managed several large-scale catalogue projects, we are confident in setting out everything from processes to timescales for the client – so you can be sure what’s happening, who’s doing what – and when.

Furthermore, we help you be really clear about what you need – and what you want – in the catalogue. From graphs to images, and from prices to product variations, our process helps you prioritise requirements – giving you complete peace of mind through careful organisation.

Talk to us about your next catalogue design & print project

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Guide to creating a catalogue

Or for more insight on how our process works, download our Catalogue Production Guide. Our tried & tested 7-stage approach sets out what’s involved for our catalogue clients – showing you how we keep on track, on time… and on budget!

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