Edition 01: Brand Story – Disruptive Brands with Mission

January edit

For this month’s haul we took some time out to look at what makes a great brand story – with a specific focus on disruptive brands.

Our design and content people each brought a different brand to the table. Here are a few of our favs…

A minimalistic stage for music artists with COLORSxSTUDIOS   

Lewis G introduced us to COLORSxSTUDIOS because of their unique brand story.

In a crowded and fragmented market, they’re clear about their mission: “We seek to provide clarity and calm, offering a minimalistic stage to shine a spotlight on the artists and give them the opportunity to present their music without distraction.”

And we love how true to this purpose they are…

Visually the Colors brand intentionally takes a back seat to remove any distraction, with its minimalist black and white colour scheme putting the artists themselves truly front and centre.  

The use of bold, block colours for the musicians help to deliver on the Colors brand premise, by shining a spotlight on the artists themselves.

And we love how they’ve created real community, originality and authenticity, completely delivering on what they stand for.  

Oatly and its game-changing tone

Laura showed us one of her favourite disruptor brands, Oatly.

They’re a brand on a mission to make a statement and share their strong opinions far and wide.   

We love how they disrupt the minute you land on their homepage, with the horizontal scroll, unpredictable layout, multiple fonts and a whole load of movement to highlight different content features.

And we have to give huge kudos to their copywriters…

Despite being on a serious mission, Oatly steer clear of any stuffiness or preachiness. Instead they choose playful, engaging language that has a real human feel to it. It’s fun, it’s clever and it’s consistent across all of their channels.

Basically we’re fully crushing on Oatly’s content team.

Giving attitude to good food with Wholly Veggie

Another brand we spotted with a unique brand story is Wholly Veggie.

Dan showed us how they’re going against the grain with a distinctive look and feel that makes them standout visually as they mission to change the way people think about the humble vegetable.

We looked at the way they buck the trend of making the packaging mostly about the product. Instead, they give dominance to their bold branding and focus their food imagery within the hole of the letter ‘o’ (unlike their competitors whose packaging comprises 80% food photography).

Turning healthy food design trends on their head, Wholly Veggie play on the retro, ‘naff’ look and feel to make a loud, standout statement – all the while keeping things fun and simple.  

And they’ve cleverly based their fresh colour palette on the vibrant colours of individual vegetables.

We love the cut through of Wholly Veggie. It’s such a noticeable and memorable brand in comparison with its competitors.

And the content and tone of their social channels reinforces the bold, playful brand they’ve built.


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