Edition 02: Next level design and content

February edit

The highlights of what, who and how we’ve been inspired this month…

The creators and innovators in title design – Art of the Title      

Dan’s been looking to the work on Art of the Title for design inspiration.

It’s an online publication devoted to title sequence design and the creative process behind it.

It’s packed with examples of unique copy treatments and photography and footage animation with interesting transitions.  

Dan loves the titles to Deutschland 83, by Saskia Marka, and is exploring how he can incorporate similar elements into one of his current projects.

Watch the video here: https://www.artofthetitle.com/title/deutschland-83/

Overturning content pillars with Gucci and Francis Bourgeois

Charlotte’s been intrigued by the latest Gucci campaign featuring British trainspotter, Francis Bourgeois.

The pairing between the high-end luxury brand and the not-so-obvious influencer has turned Gucci’s core content pillars on their head to really cut through the noise of a saturated content landscape.

With reports that many social media users, particularly Gen Z are feeling uninspired by seemingly homogenous newsfeeds, the bold move from Gucci has landed perfectly.

The campaign pairing shows that they are willing to take a risk to open up their brand to new digital conversations and audiences. Campaign Live’s detailed review explores some really interesting points, particularly how Gucci have listened and responded to the current sentiment of mistrust that’s recently been directed towards historically nepotistic and gatekept institutions. Partnering with Francis shows how willing the brand is to embrace organically chosen cultural icons.

And Pentagram’s ‘tell me more’ portfolios

Sylvie’s been seeking out inspiration for online portfolios.  She loves the approach by design studio, Pentagram.

We really like the way they break down each brand, showing the smaller elements in a bold way with a simplicity that makes it easy for the reader to digest and explore more.

And we also thought the way they show brand evolution is really effective, with evidence that’s never boring, but feels real and tangible.


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