Edition 03: Billboards Getting it Right

March edit

This month we’ve put billboards under the spotlight  – bringing some of our favourites to the table and discussing what makes for an effective ad campaign.

Billboards should intrigue not inform – their role is to capture our attention with bold design and creative copy…

Tesco Mobile: Food pun competitor challenge 

We love Tesco’s approach to ‘calling out their competitors’. They’ve transformed a good pun into a super effective food pun that draws its audience in and keeps the campaign on-brand.

The billboards call out unwelcome price hikes that we’re seeing across big mobile networks, whilst promoting Tesco’s commitment to fixed pricing. Positioning themselves as the ‘people’s’ mobile network, Tesco successfully use humour and strong branding to generate a conversation.

BBC Creative raise the stakes

We all agreed that BBC Creative’s stab at advertising the new Dracula series hit all the right spots. Each strategically placed wooden stake reveals the shadow of Bram Stoker’s Count when the sun goes down.

Not only will this billboard turn heads, but it’s potential to be shared across social media was massive – adding even more success to this creative campaign.

McDonalds strip it all back

McDonalds have been catching Charlotte’s eye. The brand is so familiar (and confident) that they’ve broken traditional design rules by tactically showing just a part of their logo to tease their fast-food outlets across the world.  

The simplicity of the messaging alongside the minimalistic design and copy choices, made for a strong, stand-out billboard.

Kill Bill: A bloody story

Saatchi & Saatchi spilled the blood on Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Vol 1 – in fact it splattered red paint all over the walls, floor and parked cars.

Laura loved the clever use of the environment and exploration of creativity that can be achieved outside the confines of the billboard space – all without spending too much money.

BBC: A perfect planet

Both Dan & Laura were crushing on the BBC’s A Perfect Planet billboards that portray the disastrous effects of climate change.

Each billboard mirrored the BBC series as it was aired on TV, starting out with healthy animals and perfect oceans. Towards the end of the series, it looked as though the billboard had been ripped up to reveal how humans are ‘tearing’ the planet apart.

Yes, there is a BBC theme occurring…

BBC World: Telling both sides of the story

This series of billboards by the BBC uses both imagery and media placement to show both sides of the story. Using the corner placement, these billboards capitalise on the environment to promote the breadth, range and objectivity of their global content.

And it all boils down to billboards intriguing its audience rather than informing. It captures its audience with one side of the image which hopefully then prompts them to explore the other side.

It’s pretty clear that the BBC are absolutely bossing the billboard world right now, and we’re so here for it.

Women’s Aid: “Look at Me”

This award-winning campaign by Women’s Aid challenges the taboo surrounding domestic abuse using cutting-edge facial-recognition technology. The use of powerful imagery forces us to look up – and the more people look, the less bruises we see on the woman’s face.

An overarching theme throughout our discussion surrounds the effectiveness of bold and minimalistic design. And this campaign ticks all the boxes.

Specsavers thinking outside the box

Specsavers are yet another brand taking creativity to the next level. A simple tag line and logo adorn their billboard but with a difference – Specsavers thinking is (literally) outside of the box.

Its timeless messaging “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” is physically conceptualised into a vertical billboard. Not only will it turn heads (physically) to read the copy, but people will resonate with the well-established brand and find humour in its advertising.

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