Edition 04: A Look at the Logo Landscape

April edit

This month we delved into logo design – discussing our all-time favourites and ones that have changed the game in the branding world…

Rising Star Gymshark 

We LOVE the bold typeface, fearless design and unlimited flexibility of the Gymshark logo. We looked at how they use just parts of their logo across clothes and accessories, that provide a subtle yet distinctive hint at the well-established apparel brand.

Classic Victoria & Albert Museum

The classic and distinctive design of the Victoria & Albert Museum logo has all our votes. A flawless typeface and the choice of character weight shows how much thought has been put into the making of this design.

The Iconic Chanel

We love the simplicity of the logo for luxury fashion house, Chanel, and how it is used across their products such as fragrance, handbags and sunglasses – as a logo AND design feature. It really distinguishes itself as a prestigious brand, with a timeless logo that has stood the test of time for over 100 years.

The Minale & Tattersfield Scribble

Have you ever seen a logo like this one? It may be just a scribble, but it’s open to interpretation. Multi-disciplinary design company, Minale Tattersfield represent their brand to a tee – every idea starts with a scribble. This was a brave move by this brand, but it totally paid off.

A Fresh Look for Pringles

Have you seen the latest Pringles rebrand? Most of us are familiar with the traditional colour palette and Mr. P’s slick locks and moustache. The rebrand has given the brand a much different look, with a flat and minimal design – and exclusion of Mr. P’s hair. But we’re seeing this as a positive – it gives the brand a much bolder and fresher feel on the shelf.

Animal Crossing Series

Anyone else having lockdown flashbacks? Just us then. The Animal Crossing logo has such a strong backdrop design that it hasn’t needed to change since the game was created. Each series of the game is simply displayed by a label that represents the theme – simple but effective.

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