Edition 05: Innovative Website Design

May edit

We’ve been creating a LOT of websites lately so we thought it would be only fitting to seek our inspiration online this month. We scoured the web for original designs and interactive features that really draw the user in. And here’s what we found…

A Jigsaw of Dreams

Laura showed us Casa Angelina, a boutique hotel perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Once we’d all dreamed of our next holiday, we explored their beautifully slick site navigation.

Its jigsaw-like background cleverly parallels the sense of exploration craved by holiday-makers, allowing the user to discover something new behind the hero image as you move your cursor around it – which prompted many ooooo’s. The smooth, flowing movement of the homepage is complemented by the single use of a downward scroll to navigate, with refined content that gently rolls in from different directions, to immerse you in the hotel’s promise of luxury and relaxation. 

Stellar Design from Start to Finish

Dan presented a weird and wacky website this week for the high-end luxury lighting company, Moooi. The whole site is like a children’s picture book, guiding you through a story and taking you on a digital journey of the brand.

Each design brings in their different products, in a very peaceful way that reflects the delicate nature of the materials. *Mentally adds a Memento Moooi Wallcovering to basket*

The Bright, The Bold & The Playful Cartoon Network Studios

Sylvie loves the fun of Cartoon Network Studios’ website. A striking logo fills the home page with a fun animation behind each letter, as well as service offerings that take you deeper into the website. It’s a bold move but it certainly pays off to impress the user and uphold the Cartoon Network brand.

You Killed a What?

Lewis showed us a rather different website called I Killed a Cactus. The premise is more of an informational website, in contrast to the product and service sites above.

The smooth, flowing movement of the site impressed us – again – with different animated features and a dancing cactus logo that moves up and down. What more could you want?

Enter: The Most Immersive Website You’ve Ever Seen

Charlotte brought the slick website of Loftgarten to our attention, a business that creates high-end spatial experiences. Very cool. As soon as you enter the site, you’re immersed into an almost surreal online space with a hero image filling the whole window.

One feature that really stands out is the presentation of their portfolio. Huge numbers fill the horizontal angle to represent each project, with a vertical strip above that includes a visual promoting the work. This is one we’re definitely a fan of.

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