Edition 06: Rethinking Creative Inspiration

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We talk a lot about creative examples that inspire our work, from original content to innovative website design.  So, this month we decided to take a different approach. Our Starbots’ creators got personal and shared the one thing that inspires them day in, day out…

Guiding the Way in Lockdown

When Kate found herself struggling to concentrate and stay motivated in lockdown, she turned her attention to Gary Keller’s bestselling book, ‘The One Thing’ – and now, it guides her through the daily challenges of running a business.

With advice on how to narrow your focus on the ‘One Thing’ that will help to achieve your goal, the premise of the book continually reminds her of how to go for gold.

Getting Lost in Another World

Charlotte loves the escapism and super slick aesthetics of the award-winning adventure game ‘Life is Strange’. The game focuses on a moral concept – whatever you say has an effect on the story.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or want to zone out in another world, there are ‘reflection moments’ throughout the narrative ­– which we all need these days right?

The Sound of (Rap) Music

Kieran introduced us all to the American rapper, NF, and his song – When I Grow Up – about achieving your dreams. (And yes, this is now on all our playlists).

As you probably know, working in a creative job fuels a lot of self-doubt, but this song inspires Kieran to keep doing what he loves, no matter what other people say.

Getting Back to Basics

Lewis turns to the English artist, Jamie Hewlett, for inspiration. As the co-creator of the virtual band, Gorillaz, Hewlett has been able to find his individual style, which is displayed throughout his book.

When searching for design inspiration, sometimes the internet and social media can be too overwhelming – Hewlett’s book is much more of an experience.

The Beauty of the Cornish Coast

Dan brought us all back to nature this month. Since he was 5, his Mum has had a painting on the wall of St. Michael’s Mount that he’s always been amazed and intrigued by.

Whenever he goes there on holiday with his family, he goes for walks to get away from everything. This natural masterpiece helps him to find perspective and think with a completely empty mind.

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