Edition 07: Brands Mastering Digital

July edit

The digital landscape is continually evolving, meaning brands need to be innovative in navigating their way onto consumers screens.

This month, we got together to discuss brands who are mastering their digital presence. And here are some of our favourites…

Championing Climate Action through Creative

Emily showed us an interesting brand referred to as Adapt: Climate Club. Targeted at the Gen Z population, this organisation is making resources about the environment look cool, hip and trendy through creative design.

The website is dominated by graphic design, video and inspirational vibes with an added element of ‘exhibition mode’ that shows off what they have done. This brand identity is also translated across Adapt’s Instagram feed which features the creative resources as well as promoting the artist collaborations.

Breaking New Digital Ground

Netflix = A brand that gets it right. And we can all agree on that. Charl G presented her admiration for Netflix through a series of examples based on the popular series… you guessed it… Stranger Things. Like this billboard, that Netflix cleverly posted on Twitter and TikTok for maximum audience engagement.

The industry-leading streaming service uses traditional and digital billboards, social media, memes, TikTok videos and more to engage its audience base. The library of television shows, movies and documentaries is the basis of the majority of content, for example, Netflix shares memes with ‘relatable’ captions and uses TikTok to share events and promote shows.

Netflix have recently collaborated with Spotify to deliver an all-together slick experience of the Stranger Things soundtrack, which is just one of the ways Netflix is bossing the digital landscape and successfully engaging its audience.

Changing the Underwear Game

Kieran introduced us to premium men’s underwear brand, On That Ass (which was very much new to us all). Its digital presence is well thought out and stays consistent across different platforms.

The overwhelming hook, and interest point, that surrounds the brand is the new design of underwear that is revealed each month. Teaser visuals are posted on their social channels and competitions to keep audience engagement up.

Raising a Glass to Brand Consistency

Lewis showed us the London-based, Camden Town Brewery in this month’s meeting. Again, we focused on the consistency and recognition of the brand across the website, Instagram and YouTube.

The brand uses visuals that represent the fun and social aspect of its messaging and achieves a successful tone of voice by talking to its consumers like a friend.

The Beauty of Digital

Although Laura doesn’t frequently buy from Benefit Cosmetics, she loves the branding of this award-winning make-up and skincare company. Its digital presence feels really consistent and shows that they know exactly who they are.

Benefit Cosmetics claims it’s in ‘the feel-good business’, championing laughter as the ‘best cosmetic’. And this is represented throughout the language, content and visuals across all its touchpoints.

As well as stellar brand consistency, Benefit Cosmetics engage with important topics relating to beauty standards and inclusivity which hones in on the most important mission of the brand – to make sure you feel good.

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