Edition 13: Email Marketing That Works

February edit

This month we turned our attention to one of the most traditional, yet ever-popular, online marketing tool – email. From catchy subject lines and enchanting tone of voice, to innovative content and bold graphics, see what we think of the emails dropping into our inboxes…

Quite Frankly the Best Emails We’ve Seen

Several years ago in a coffee shop, five friends had a drink and an idea: a humble coffee scrub. And frank body was born. The brand is honest, upfront and original. With email subject lines like ‘How the heck do I use an enzyme mask’, ‘Whiteheads, meet your match’ and ‘How to prep for flawless makeup & even tan’, it’s clear that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Its sassy, playful and flirty tone of voice comes through within the email copy too, appealing to the primary target audience of 18–25-year-olds. And the email content is pretty fun. No boring salesy messaging, just rich and helpful content. Skincare Sunday, anyone?

Brewed for Brand Promotion

Lewis showed us an example of one of his favourite hobbies: Beer. And this month it was all about Norfolk-based brewery, Duration. Unlike frank body, this brand is all about the images. It plays to its strengths by telling a story using professional photography that shows off its unique products.

As well as the products they sell, the email gives the customer a look behind-the-scenes to make it a more private and personal form of communication – using photography to introduce the faces behind the brand.

Absolutely Glowing Content

This month, Kate introduced us to the award-winning supplement brand, Absolute Collagen. This brand is super clear within their emails, with its core yellow brand colour running all the way through for a splash of positivity and brand consistency.

The links are really quick, they include social and industry proof, and feature engaging videos. And it feels quite personal with handwritten typography and illustrations. Although not perfect, we all agreed that we wouldn’t mind these emails landing in our inbox (just not quite as often as they do).

Wild, Witty & Wholesome

The emails from letterbox florist, Bloom & Wild, caught Zoe’s eye this month. The witty, wholesome messaging makes her smile, whilst the GIFs show the brand’s products in a lovely way.

There is a full end-to-end service with nurturing emails that are not always about pushing a product. Zoe appreciates the brand being genuinely thoughtful and sensitive around occasions such as Mother’s Day, using heartfelt messaging that feels like a human is talking to you.

Reframing the Twitter Narrative

Emily showed us one of the latest emails from Twitter. The team at Twitter is trying to reframe the narrative of the brand – and we can’t blame them. There’s been quite a storm in the Twittersphere lately. So, they created this email with rich, helpful content and bright graphics to help entice its audience back to the social media platform. Job well done.


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