Edition 17: Creative Inspiration

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Where do you look for inspiration? This month, we shared our favourite sources of inspiration that influence us in our creative work. From challenging physical space in advertising to the unlikely scenes of the McLaren team in Barbie’s Corvette, here’s what we shared with each other…

The Good, The Great & The Even Greater

Our resident animator, Lewis, shared some stellar works of art with us this month. Looking to a broad variety of animation design, he’s drawn to the personality of the visual. This is created using different textures, the movement of the cut-outs and the intricate, whilst sometimes unusual, illustration.

Breaking the Billboard Wall

Emily loves a rule breaker. And these advertisements provide perfect examples of brands that are breaking conventions in honour of grabbing their audiences’ attention. Each billboard cleverly communicates the brand’s marketing messages in simple yet effective style.

The VIP Section

Kieran shared the best of the best campaigns with us this month. From Heinz and Super Mario Bros, to Heineken and Barbie, we discussed the creative excellence these brands champion in order to stay at the forefront of the challenging marketing landscape.

Just Another Few Ken’s

Formula 1 enthusiast, Zoe, showed us this unlikely image of two F1 drivers in Barbie’s Corvette. This marketing campaign was relevant and on-trend with perfect timing, demonstrating the forward-thinking brand that knows how to capture its audiences’ attention.

Wear Blue for Rescue

For Charlotte G, there’s nothing more inspiring than helping animals – and one brand in particular: Battersea. We all agreed that the cute and clever rescue symbol perfectly encompasses the purpose of the Wear Blue for Rescue marketing campaign, developed with versatility in mind to translate across all campaign collateral.

An Artist’s Dream

Sylvie introduced us all to the magazine exploring Black culture and creativity, Citizen. As an editorial focused on pure artistry, rather than profit, every article has a different design whilst being cleverly coherent. And the brains behind Citizen are not afraid to break the rules – the page layouts question conventions which reinforces the brand’s artistic mission.

The Best Storytellers of our Time

A brand that inspires Charlotte B on a regular basis is the sportswear powerhouse, Nike. A master of storytelling, this market-leading brand crafts marketing campaigns that draw upon its customers’ emotions to ‘sell the ‘journey’ of the purchase in place of ‘selling the product’. It’s all about how it makes you feel, rather than the colour of your next pair of running shoes.

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