Take Your Customer on a Journey of Discovery

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Ensure your customer touch points give the most impact with good design.

Before you can create a successful brand and build your company’s reputation, you need to understand and optimise your ‘customer touch points’, to make your customer feel connected with your brand. It will help to shape the perception of your company and make your sales strategy easier. In this blog we will focus on the contact points involved in guiding a prospect from Awareness to Successful client and analyse the effect of a well considered brand at every point along the way.


What are customer touch points?

A ‘touch point’ is your brand’s point of contact with customers. Every prospective customer will go on a journey when they first encounter your company and brand. Identifying your company’s touch points is key in helping you to understand your customers and their needs. Once you understand the various touch points of your prospects you can begin to identify their needs and concerns, and demonstrate how your brand delivers their needs and remove barriers to purchase. To do this effectively you’ll need to think like your client and consider their perspective and thought process. Just because you like something yourself doesn’t mean that its going to communicate your clients needs and compel them to get in touch.

Campaigns have real impact when they talk the language of the client and tap into those business needs that cause sleepless nights and emergency meetings.

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Is your brand delivering exactly what your clients want to see? If not then you’ve failed.

Touch points must leave the customer with a positive perception of your company so they will buy your service or product. And any positive customer experience is consolidated with good design. As you can see in the graphic below there are visual, graphic, digital and print requirements at every stage of the customer journey. At each stage the delivery of the brand and its values are underpinned by the design elements in which they are presented.

Customer journey sales pipeline

Find your niche and define your brand

Whether you know it or not, competition is always there and it keeps business owners awake at night. There will be businesses similar to yours, tendering for the same projects and fighting to survive. So how on earth do you beat them? Getting noticed above the noise that your competitors are making means your sales targets are met and brings new clients through the door.

What makes you so special? By defining your brand and its key messages you make sure prospects trust your brand and will move from Awareness to Discovery. Take a look at your website and social media channels now. Does your brand convey a consistent message across these initial touch points?  If there are inconsistencies your sales targets could be undone by a visual identity thats weaker than your business deserves.

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