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Our core has always been in creativity – engaging the senses to influence the way people think and sharing this insight with our clients. Starbots’ creative team boasts backgrounds in graphic, textile, product, and illustration design. Our design agency talent means that we consistently exceed our client’s expectations in all aspects of design.

Why us?


We solve complex problems using creative solutions–by blending design-thinking principles, UX best practices, data and research, and your objectives to influence the way your audience thinks.


Our multi-skilled team with backgrounds in graphic, textile, product, digital, and illustration means we have the right people working together to create just the right experience for your audience.


Every project is unique and is a delicate blend of time, creativity, and budget. We maintain transparency through detailed reporting and an open-book policy. Making collaborating and working together seamless.


We own every project and take full responsibility for its delivery, with project management software, robust processes, and clear lines of communication – we don’t just produce great work, we also build great relationships.


With 25 years of combined industry experience, we’re highly recommended in Stoke-On-Trent – just call any of our clients and ask them.

I am consistently impressed by their professionalism, dedication and good humour. A pleasure to work with and the results are outstanding.

Zoe Chapman, University of Liverpool

Our Graphic Design Process



Our creative team first start by researching and understanding the project, objectives, target audience and current solutions strengths and weaknesses, and success metrics.



We then put ourselves in the shoes of the users and target audience to understand what they want, the barriers they might face and what they are feeling, thinking and doing.



After taking the time to understand, we then move into defining the main pain points the users are facing and detailing what needs to be fixed and how in the solution.



Here the team comes up with the wireframe prototype and create solutions that will meet the business requirements set and fix the pain points for the user.


Create & Design

Finally, we will create high-fidelity designs and share them with you so that they can be seen, critiqued, and adapted.


Evaluate & optimise

Achieving your objectives and meeting user requirements is one thing but how can we deliver more for you and continually improve is what we aim to achieve and deliver.

An awesome, graphic design agency in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Our background has always been creativity. We help our clients present their brands powerfully and meaningfully to create an immediate connection with their target audience.

How we engage and build relationships with our clients is key to our success. Our whole team plays a part and learns about you and your business, either through direct interaction or our weekly internal client reviews.

We’ve worked hard to build a talented, creative team with varying backgrounds in graphic, textile, product, and illustration design, as well as brand development, copywriting, web, digital campaigns and marketing strategy. This breadth and depth of knowledge and skills enable us to support our clients with all aspects of their activity, through strategic marketing that performs across online and offline channels.

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