1st Party Data, LinkedIn Live Video & Audio Events And Personalising Emails

Get this month’s digital trends round-up from our Head of Digital, Alex. Hear about 1st party data as we move towards a cookieless world, the launching of live video and audio events on LinkedIn and more.

I’m Alex and welcome to this month’s digital drop with all the latest

news and trends from the world of digital marketing.

So, I want to start off by talking to you about first-party data.

This is the data that you get from your website, from emails, from your

CRM and it’s your richest form of data that you have available to you

as a business.

It’s unique to your business in fact.

So the reason why this is becoming more and more important is

because, with the release of iOS 14 some time back and cookies starting to be removed,

it’s more difficult for third party platforms to track and collect

data about your audience.

When we use these data sets and when you start to activate

these data sets, you’ll see higher conversions in leads and

engagement rates because the audience that you’re serving it to, or the

lookalike audiences that you’re serving your marketing to is more relevant,

Next, I want to talk to you about LinkedIn launching live video and audio events.

So, this is something new that LinkedIn are going to be trialling and

it’s no secret that live video helps build deeper connections with your audience.

Video drives higher engagement than standard content and Linkedin

reports that on average live video gets 7 times more reactions and

25 times more comments than native.

So it’s something that you should expect to see a lot more of on your platform and

something that you should be trialling to see how it works and how it can fit into your business strategy.

Finally, I want to speak to you about something that a number of our clients

have been coming to us this month about.

It’s an old channel and one that’s always performed well for many businesses

It’s email.

Our clients have been coming to us and asking us how they can get more

out of this channel and how they can increase the performance of it across the board.

So, we’ve been speaking to our clients and advising them on how to

segment their databases further, how to personalise the emails that

to the target audience is as relevant as it can possible be.

they deliver and how to use dynamic content to ensure what’s delivered

By using these techniques and by implementing these for your business,

we’re seeing increases of 20% in conversions for a number of our

clients across a number of different Industries.

Thanks for listening.

Hopefully, this helps you understand a little bit more about what you

can be doing to improve your digital marketing.

We’ll be back next week with March’s update. Take care.

If you’ve made it this far, then well done.

Obviously, we won’t be back next week.

We’ll be back next month.



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