Instagram’s Full Screen Feed & Customisable Link Menu, Facebook Groups & Privacy Update, Google’s Privacy Sandbox, GA4 & EAT

Our Marketing Coordinator, Emily, ends this year’s season of Digital Drop with a recap of digital highlights from 2022. From ‘that’ Instagram update to Google’s latest moves in an increasingly cookie-less world, hear all about the biggest digital developments this year.

You’re listening to Digital Drop. Our monthly round-up of digital trends to keep you and your digital up-to-date. Welcome to our 12th episode. This month is the finale of our first season, we’ve made it through a whole year of Digital Dropping. So, to celebrate our dedication to all things digital, I will be recapping all those round-ups and talking you through the highlights of 2022.

So let’s start with Instagram. This year we’ve watched Instagram in kind of a scramble to keep up with TikTok’s success. We first looked at their promise of a full screen feed back in May, kept up with the criticism in July and then confirmed their back track in August. And for that, we have the Kardashians to thank. We also discussed talks of a customisable link menu which is not yet come to fruition. Another feature that hasn’t been rolled yet is re-posting in feeds, perhaps something to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Next up, Facebook. In January we saw a privacy update which allowed users to have more choices with regard to the type of ads they see. We saw the introduction of sponsored messages, an opportunity for businesses to send offers, promotions and updates directly on Messenger. Something that doesn’t seem to have taken off just yet. A focus on Groups has increased with Facebook bringing in a series of changes to improve that offering. Despite our social media rotations getting a little crowded these days, no one does it quite like Facebook in terms of groups and events, so it’s good to see them recognise their importance to their regular users.

Google has been one to keep up with this year, as always. In February we started with a warning about the importance of first-party data in an increasingly cookie-less world. This became even more prevalent in July when the search engine giant announced their Privacy Sandbox would be launched and generally available in Chrome by Q3 2023 – which is rapidly approaching. More updates from Google included upgrades to their Analytics properties, intuitive multi-search and new features for their Performance Max Campaigns just in time for Christmas. Of course, we can’t forget the archiving of Universal Analytics, which will be happening in July 2023.

Then we’ve got the insights Jack and Gav brought back from Brighton SEO in October. There was a talk all about how to love GA4, the E-A-T acronym has been a helpful take away for our SEO practices and Jack’s new phrase to live by, in terms of web traffic, seems to be; keep, redirect and kill.

So, what will the New Year’s digital landscape look like? Well we can’t answer that just yet, but we will do our best to keep you updated.

That’s all from us this year, thank you for listening. This has been Digital Drop. We’ll see you in 2023.


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