GA model update, Instagram’s vertical stories and Facebook’s new privacy centre

Get this month’s digital trends round-up from one of our resident gurus, Gav. Hear January’s need-to-know updates, from Google’s recent upgrade to its analytics properties, to Facebook’s new privacy centre.

You are listening to digital drop. Our monthly round-up of digital trends to keep you and your digital up-to-date.

So, what’s been happening in digital this month? Here are 4 things to be aware of.

First up, Google upgraded their analytics properties earlier this month – moving from a last-click attribution model to a

data-driven attribution model. What does this mean for your marketing?

Well, it means that you’ll get reports that consider the full user journey, not just the last click.

Another update: Instagram’s vertical stories feed is in live testing.

Users swipe left or right to view several stories from the same person but they swipe up or down to view stories from

other users they’re following. A vertical stories feed indicates that Instagram wants to prioritise video content over

static content. Further emphasising that video needs to play an important role in your business in 2022.

Speaking of video, is your business on TikTok? Probably not. But if you’re thinking about it in 2022 then TikTok’s Instant

Page needs to be part of your internal discussion. Instant Page is an in-app landing page option for TikTok in-feed ads

that’s geared towards conversion. An Instant Page loads 5x faster than a standard mobile page which means ads are

likely to have a lower bounce rate and higher traffic. Finally, Meta (Facebook), has introduced a new privacy centre.

What this means is that Facebook users will be able to personalise their preferences by selecting or deselecting

categories they’re happy to see ads for. This means that the conversion rate of Facebook ads will likely increase,

while reach might reduce since users will be able to control the types of ads they think they’re likely to engage with.

We’re seeing this as a way of improving the user experience on both sides of the platform.

Hope this helps with your current digital plans. We’ll be back next month with February’s updates.


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