Google’s User-Friendly GA4 Features, LinkedIn Tests AI-Generated Prompts & Twitter Introduces Highlights

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You’re listening to Digital Drop, our monthly round-up of digital trends to keep you and your digital up-to-date.

First off, would it be a podcast about modern and upcoming digital trends without mentioning an AI of some kind?

LinkedIn has announced it is testing AI generated prompts to help users create engaging posts for their audience. The tool will utilise generative AI to create ideas based on the users’ preference and style.

The prompts are there to encourage creativity and take away the blank page that can come with writer’s block. Jamie Keane, the LinkedIn Director of Product Management, has said that LinkedIn wants to help users start conversations and build community. So essentially, LinkedIn wants to help you improve your organic engagement and improve retention rates.

Next, as is always the case in 2023, Twitter has announced a string of changes to the platform over the last few days, from larger videos to a new user interface for scheduling tweets, Elon Musk and the Twitter team are working to make the social media giant a more enjoyable place to be, including the introduction of a Highlights tab. This will be a tab added to your profile, allowing you to showcase your best tweets or the things you think people looking at your profile are more likely to look for. You’ll simply compose the tweet, send it, and then add it to your highlights With research and analysis showing that the vast majority of Twitter interactions happen within the timeline, it shows that Twitter is trying to make the transition to a more engaging and personal platform.

And finally as we continue to get ever closer to the day that we say goodbye to Universal Analytics from Google, the search engine giant is looking to make the transition from UA to GA4 easier for everyone.

It has recently incorporated a new tutorial for GA4 users, showcasing essential concepts and settings to help users get started on the new analytics platform. The suggested section within GA4 now offers stats that are popularly viewed across all analytics properties and you can now choose to dismiss the Suggested and Insight sections using the thumbs down. Ultimately, Google is looking to create a more user friendly experience within GA4 so expect more to come over the next few months.

That’s all from us this month. Thank you for listening. This has been Digital Drop and we’ll see you next time.


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