Facebook’s Desktop Redesign, TikTok’s Ad Trial & Google Adsense New Ad Unit

Get this month’s digital trends update from our Digital Marketing Executive, Josh. Stay in the loop with Facebook’s desktop redesign and the new ad unit that Google AdSense suite just dropped.

You’re listening to Digital Drop – our monthly round-up of everything digital.

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Here’s our top 3 this month.

To begin with, Google AdSense has just dropped in a new ad unit – related search for content.

It’s one of the first new ad solutions since GA’s recent model update

in which Google announced the push of GA4 over universal analytics by 2023.

This shows the user a related navigation menu which helps them explore any related site content.

The focus of the new ad unit is to increase site engagement and traffic.

It uses page content to generate the ads, like if you were running a dynamic search ad campaign.

For those who don’t know, Google AdSense is for publishers looking to

sell their advertising space on their website and drives traffic away from their site.

Google Ads is for businesses looking to advertise their website across the Google network.

It’s a new way for users to discover and interact with your website rather than the linear path.

Some sites can benefit from this new ad unit as it overhauls the navigation with dynamic

related content topics which can improve conversions and engagements on your site,

or even your competitor’s site.

If you’re considering search advertising campaign for your marketing, AdSense might cause your brand

more harm than good. If your ad brings in low quality traffic, Google can penalise you or your client’s account.

A lot of marketers are sceptical about the AdSense model as it can massively devalue a website.

Meta has recently undergone a redesign of its Facebook platform on desktop.

It’s only been given out to a handful of users as they are currently

testing the design. All the navigation options have been moved the left-hand side of the page.

User reviews have not been overly positive, leaving users confused on how to navigate around the platform.

We don’t think it will affect businesses as it only affects the desktop version.

It hasn’t actually been officially released yet, meaning they could be responding to user feedback.

The change was supposed to make the website easier to navigate, so it’s hard to see if this design

will be staying on the web. TikTok has started trialling ads in search results. It allows advertisers to reach

TikTok’s audience using search terms, with plans in the future to target searchers looking for

a specific keyphrase. In addition to this, TikTok will also provide an overview of the search terms and

engagement-based metrics including clicks and how this has actually affected the campaign performance.

TikTok’s demographic is one of the youngest age groups in comparison to other social media

networks and its rise in popularity is only increasing and won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

TikTok search ads are still in beta, but we’ll keep you posted when this changes.

This has been Digital Drop. We’ll see you in the next one.


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