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Discover how we reimagined traditional tutoring to create an inclusive, accessible and fun online learning platform

Virtual learning boomed in 2020 – but did that mean strictly academia and recognised qualifications? No. Tuturo is all about informal learning experiences and providing online career opportunities for skilled people across the world.

Our challenge was to bring this message alive with a digital brand, website, app and social presence that engaged with a diverse audience, onboarding them as tutors and students.

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Tuturo homepage design
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A note from Our Team

“This was a fantastic brand to get my teeth into. When you see a digital project come in, it’s normal to assume it’s a load of techy stuff in the background with our digital team – but actually, content always plays a huge role. Starting with the name and elevator pitch, as a copywriting team, we had to capture the essence of this learning platform. Because if we didn’t get that down on paper, it would be easy to miss the mark when building it out.

I especially loved the web copy for this project. For this audience, I could use an open, friendly, conversational and fun tone. It was all about making learning enjoyable and stepping away from the confines of academia – so no stuffy and inaccessible language.”

Celtina, Copywriter, Starbots Creative

Little Tuturos - online learning platform for children
Explore a new way to learn - social media marketing for an online learning platform
Social media and app mock up for online learning platform
Tuturo kids - Lifestyle image featuring a child waving to an online class

Sector: Education

Client Background: Online learning platform that connects informal tutors with students of all ages. Includes a separate platform for young learners. Anyone can sign up to be a tutor and they can build their profile out like social media – with videos, images and posts to attract students. The business model is tutors earn money for their lessons and Tuturo takes a 15% commission.

Target audience 1: People who want to make money online, work from home, earn money in alternative ways to traditional careers, are passionate about their skills/ hobbies/ interests and would like to teach others.

Target audience 2: Aspiring learners looking to upskill in extracurricular activities, parents of young learners (looking to help their children with certain skills or want an ‘online babysitter’)


Our Expertise:



Visual identity



Social media


Digital project



Agree on brand name

Confirm elevator pitch

Evolve brand that appeals to both target audiences

Design website and app platform

Create stylescape to show how the brand works across various digital mediums


Our approach:

Understand the two target audiences and how they differ

Understand any sub-target audiences (i.e ‘kids’ section of learners)

Research industry and competition

Create a logo that attracts and resonates with both target audiences

Develop and confirm visual branding elements such as typography, colour palettes and iconography

Develop and confirm content branding elements – such as tone of voice and language

Create website and app in line with agreed branding elements


Other assets

Social media assets to promote the business via paid advertising

Organic content for social media



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