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Conscious switch off - transform your digital habits

With so much content about digital detoxing, how could we convince an audience to attend this event?

We all know that being glued to our smartphones isn’t good. And we should limit the time we sit at our computers. Fortunately, there is a lot of content out there that educates us about the risks of digital device addiction – and how we can step away. From podcasts to blogs, we are becoming more educated about digital detoxing.

So, when we were approached to brand a wellbeing event we needed to translate this event’s USP – so we could create a brand that didn’t get lost in all the wellbeing noise.

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With so much content about digital detoxing, how could we convince an audience to attend this event?


We created a brand strategy tailored to working professionals – like business execs and business owners. Overall content & messaging surrounded the tangible advantages of digital detoxing on a mental health level. While also showing the enhanced wellbeing effects to those who struggle the most with disconnecting from devices.

Once we had confirmed the event’s branding, we created a pre-event campaign to encourage people to attend. Through social media to emails, it was focused on delivering taster/ teaser content for the event – and encouraged users to explore more on the website. Free content was central to nurturing the prospective attendee to buy a ticket for the event. We then rolled the brand identity across the whole event.

A wellbeing event marketing collateral - Leaflets, Postcards, Workshops
Concept of a landing page for a wellbeing event
A promotional banner outside an event
Event wall hanging in a large conference centre

Promotional items for a wellbeing event - lanyards, wristbands, bags and booklets

Event booklet including details of the keynote speaker
A young man watching a tablet - learning about wellbeing

Advice and guidance leaflet for conscious switch off

Social media images - showing device free zones and people talking