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Sustain in the rain

100% recycled & responsible manufacturing

A single thread is minuscule. But put hundreds, thousands and millions of threads together and you create something a lot bigger.
Our eco-conscious products are all about big change.All about many individuals coming together to create a collective awareness of climate change.

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So, we leverage fashion to make this happen. Because we know that trend is what really makes
people take action. And, if we can do our bit for the environment in the process, then we are one
happy eco-business.

Look great. Feel great. DO great.

Various styling elements applied to the same logo
Exterior store signage
A woman wearing a Loops jacket walks through the woods with a dog
Wellington boots
Stylish business cards
Product tags displaying the price and branding
We stitch sustainability into everyday life
When it rains, it pours - with plastic. Can you help
Branded products - water bottles and reusable coffee cups
Loops adverts - A dog in a raincoat and a girl under an umbrella
Instagram visual with hashtags that promote plastic reduction

Can you help us put a stop to this?

The Loops website - showing people wearing recycled materials in the wilderness

Logo concepts