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Ritual Beard Balm

Looking great has a lot to do with feeling great – and that’s something that the male grooming market has capitalised on in recent years. With products promising to do everything – from improving beard thickness to boosting your self-esteem, the male grooming market is becoming saturated.

However, Beard Balm wanted to introduce products that would stand out against all the noise – specifically focusing on their natural and organic ingredients selling points.

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Finding a unique selling proposition always starts with looking at what your audience wants – needs, likes, loves, hates, dislikes and everything in between. So, we approached this project by understanding what gaps in the market Ritual wanted to exploit – and found that their sourcing of natural ingredients was something the market increasingly demanded, and we could give them the tools to sell this.

We created a brand built on the ‘animal’ inside of each man – taking it back to a raw, caveman feel and experimenting with masculine animal print, which could appeal to a female audience of gift-buyers too. To strengthen the brand presence and speed up recognition, we took this animal theme through everything from the product to the website design.

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