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Watt Car Magazine

Bringing the electric car to the car enthusiasts’ world

By 2026 it is estimated that one-fifth of car sales in the UK will be electric. So, as EV (electric vehicles) become less of a futuristic idea and more of a reality, demand for quality information and content is growing.

In order to solve this need, we had to create a stand-out magazine design that’s both informative and entertaining. Aiming to give the same treatment that supercars/racing cars currently get to all aspects of electric car ownership, we had to design something that would appeal to a specific audience.

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Flipping traditional ‘petrol head’ car enthusiast culture on its head to focus on the environmental electrical alternative needed a carefully thought-out brand and content campaign. We created a high-quality magazine that positioned itself as a central hub of knowledge for electric car ownership and innovation.

Tailoring the magazine to appeal to males aged 30-50, we designed for those who love the thrill of driving – but are also interested in technological development, sustainability and renewable energy. Overall, we developed a magazine and editorial style alternative to traditional supercar and racecar publications – but perfectly suited to our future of electric vehicles.