Loops is an apparel brand that produces sustainable but beautifully-designed products. Their aim is to raise awareness of climate change issues – and then support eco-conscious individuals who want to reduce plastic waste & adopt better practices to protect the environment.

A brand built on sustainability is fitting within a time where people are becoming more aware of the detrimental impacts of climate change. Our challenge was to bring this business to life through branding, design and marketing.

How could Loops raise climate change awareness and encourage an eco-conscious audience to responsibly choose their products?


We created a brand that reflects the aims and ethos of the company. Practically, we created something with a dual-purpose. Firstly for the apparel design – and secondly for instant recognition across social media, publications and the online shop.

Starting with the logo, we created a marque that is easily transferred onto the apparel and can be repeated to create a pattern or used on top of a pattern – while always being appealing, clear and striking. We then built various campaigns across multiple platforms to champion the eco-friendly lifestyle to the target audience. At the core of these campaigns was always sustainability and responsibility – for example, focusing on offsetting carbon footprint, rather than fast fashion and discount codes.



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