Our world is getting smarter. That’s not something we have to tell you. We’ve been using technology for years now to make our lives better – and easier. So when a company wants to enter the market with a new piece of software, how do we make sure its point of difference is loud and clear?

Competing with the big boys – Xero, Sage, Clear Books and QuickBooks – is no easy feat. Our challenge was to facilitate this “Industry disruptor” with branding and associated digital marketing collateral that evoked its core purpose. Aiming to create a human-centric feel to business finance, we had to deliver a brand that worked seamlessly across all digital platforms to attract, nurture, convert and retain an audience – in the midst of a competitive landscape.

With so many finance SaaS apps on the market, how could Monely enter this market as a successful industry disruptor?


First, we had to establish what exactly Monely’s message would be. At its heart was personalisation between business and personal finances. In short, the software acts as a financial assistant – in your pocket – constantly connecting your finances to work together and give you a true reflection of your unique financial situation. Doing everything you specifically need, Monely’s aim is to make its customers’ lives better, easier and happier through better finance management.

From this, we developed the visual brand. Using bold colours, we created clear recognisable app elements – for quick usability. With the key colours being a deep, rich purple and pink – combined with a secondary palette of pale turquoise, we carefully chose the colour scheme based on links with wealth, prosperity and calmness. The design throughout the brand is clean – evoking feelings of simplicity, easy usability – and great user experience. Key graphical elements also included fun animated 3D characters to represent Monely’s human-centric approach. After all, money isn’t just numbers – it is enabling real people to live their lives in certain ways.



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