Five Questions to Ask Your Design Agency Before You Hire Them…

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

1. Can your design agency cope with urgent work? 

It’s essential that your agency of choice is large enough to cope with any requirements that you have of them, and that when the pressure’s on you, they’re willing and able to take it off your shoulders and make it happen. We offer SAS (Starbots are saviours) which sees us jump in to rescue clients when urgent deadlines need to be met. We’re fast and we’re creative and our clients tell us that they most value the fact that we’re solutions driven. We’ll tell you exactly what’s possible print-wise in the time available, we’ll add extra value wherever we can, and we’ll pull out all of the stops – and more – to make it happen.

2. Can your design agency fit with your internal resource?

Any agency worth its salt should be happy to work with you to understand your calendar, and really get to grips with the pinch points for your own internal resource (if you have it). After all, it’s when they’re at or beyond capacity that everything will slow down for you. At Starbots we work for some clients at core points in the year when their own team is stacked out elsewhere, and others across the year as their preferred resource. We’re as flexible as you need.

3. How does your design agency stay fresh? 

So it’s important that new designs and ideas are constantly brought into the mix, from colours and themes right through to the marketing channel and voice that are used as your message vehicle. Our team works hard to stay fresh – from regular continuous professional development, to creative consultations to ensure that we can bring the very best to every client, every time. And if your agency is offering you any less, you need to call them on it. Ask what they do to push their own boundaries, how they stay creative, and how they ensure they’re fresh and current. If you don’t like their answer, or if there’s a waft of mustiness, then walk away.

4. Does your design agency “get” your sector?

Even the best agency, when facing a firm’s very specific needs may struggle. There are the multiple stakeholders, the unusual approvals or sign-off protocols, and the need to work to a deadline. Do check that your agency understands what they’re getting into and that they won’t let you down – even inadvertently.

5. What happens after your design agency completes a design?

A great design agency recognises that you will need them after the design is finalised and the invoice signed off. Since all artwork will need some updating months after a project is wrapped up. We’ll even offer guidance about how best to use or reuse your designs for maximum value. At Starbots we believe passionately that the service doesn’t stop when the design is completed. We keep all files stored safely for you when you need them in the future. For us, it’s all part of the service.