6 GDPR beating email marketing tips

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Businesses using email marketing in the UK are racing against the clock to meet the new GDPR requirements, coming into force in May. We’ve come up with 6 golden rules that will help reduce some of the impact that GDPR compliance will have on your email campaign opt-out rates.

Supercharge your headlines

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We encourage all of our clients who ask us to create email campaigns or html email designs to assume that everyone is too busy to read their content. This isn’t because the general open rate of email marketing is plummeting. Rather we are all more email savvy than we were 10 years ago. So your headlines need to be exciting and engaging if they are going to spark the interest of a savvy audience with little time to waste.

Make it inviting

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Don’t panic there is good news. But your content needs to be bang on when GDPR comes into effect. And here’s why. If you got someone’s email address when they bought something or negotiated to buy from you, then it’s ok to contact them about the same thing. Provided that you make it really clear how they can unsubscribe and the email is relevant to them. We can’t stress enough how important it is to focus your content on being inviting, helpful or emotive because once someone decides to opt out it’s critical you stop sending them stuff.

Dare to make it entertaining

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We’ve all got that Facebook friend who refuses to stop posting videos about cats in baskets or one of the Kardashians. Thankfully we can ‘unfollow’ anyone that isn’t sharing content that entertains us. Equally email marketing is about building and maintaining friendships with clients and potential clients. So if you keep sending emails that aren’t fun to read the likelihood is that they’ll opt-out. And then you’ve lost the ability to sell to them in the future. Don’t be afraid to show your audience your business’s personality. It could be the reason they allow your newsletter into their inbox over a competitor.

Get the design right

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“Yeah right, you guys would say that” – well of course we believe that design is important, but when has design and style not influenced a buying decision? For us great design is all about influencing choices. Each colour, shape, line, font, text, and graphic you use in an emailer will influence the message you’re trying to get across. So focus on creating truly interesting content and then frame it in a really engaging way and analyse the audience’s response. Then tell us that design doesn’t matter.

Target your audience

Email target audiene

Be honest how tight is your CRM process? Because how you manage this data impacts whether you’ll meet the new GDPR requirements. So while you are reviewing your data systems and the quality of that data, why not think about how you can target your email communications? Because Mailchimp research shows that segmented campaigns see an average 14.31% increase in open rate over non-segmented ones.
In terms of combating GDPR opt-out rates, having a richer understanding of your data will allow you to create opportunities to reach out to your audience with greater impact. Since detailed data allows better-segmented campaigns. From which you can create designs and content that you know a segment of your data can’t help but read. And once you’ve compelled them to read you’ve created the opportunity to influence their choices.

Learn from your email mistakes

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Did your last campaign perform worse than the industry average? If so then it’s time to do things differently. The internet has made it easier than ever to find out what your audience wants. You just have to find them and take notes. Find out what they respond best to then apply this to your next campaign. Develop the content and design then focus on the emails that are connecting with subscribers by monitoring open and click rates.