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We work with you to identify what your brand needs to represent to your audiences, whether you need a new brand or to refresh what you have. Understanding how you can build your brand across channels, platforms and customer experiences is a critical part of our design process. We also like to get to know your market, customer views and business direction, which are all critical influences.

Defining your identity, how users interact with it and feel its values when they see it all increase engagement. And high engagement with your brand creates leads and generates sales. This is what we mean by growth through design.

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Through a combination of workshops, brand research, market analysis and our design process, we can work to suit your budget, timescales and business needs, to get your brand where it needs to be. Because your brand is so much more than a logo too – we can work with you to develop your key messaging, tone of voice and the range of assets, brand elements and resources you need to have a comprehensive approach when it comes to improving customer engagement.

Example projects

Synectics SolutionsDANCOP

Follwells Estate Agents And Surveyors

Synectics Solutions starbots creative


Whether your business has changed or the market around you has moved on, evolving your brand and marketing activities can help your business to stay relevant and well positioned, whatever business you’re in. We will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and how an effective development of your brand and marketing approach can help achieve your goals.

Take a look at some example projects

Higher HorizonsMounsey Surveyors

Planned Office Interiors

Synectics Solutions

Brand Revolution

education branding

Planned Office Interiors

Brand Evolution

your brand planned office

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