We like big brands and we can not lie…well their TV adverts at least

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

I have to confess, I’m a great believer that sometimes TV is worth watching just for the adverts…I love the excitement of an impressive concept that takes you on a journey and really strikes a cord with your hopes and dreams, even if it does leave you feeling disappointed that it was just an advert for a utilities company, but it got me thinking about how advertising seems to have changed, to the point where these kind of lifestyle adverts have taken over from the traditional product based adverts.

When was the last time you remember watching an advert for a product? Unless it was of the cleaning variety or some new invention from JML I would struggle to think of one! That’s because primetime TV slots are flooded with Big brand adverts.

And lets face it if your going to pay millions of pounds for a three minute slot, you’ve got to make it worth it! So what do people like Cadburys, John Lewis and Coke-a-Cola do? They create three minutes of branding genius!

The Gorilla on the drums, the Penguin at Christmas and the famous truck driven into town that symbolises the start of Christmas…these adverts seem like unforgettable landmark moments in our lives that we talk about with our friends and work colleagues or, well just anyone that will listen to us.

So why do I love these adverts? Partly because if you take away the shameless corporate brands that have tapped into human emotion, they speak into a time in our lives and make us think, but it’s mostly because as a designer there is nothing that pleases me more than a business who cares about its brand, enough to pay millions of pounds to endorse it. Forget about what they sell, they want you to know what they stand for, why they do what they do and what is at the core of their business.

And surely if the big brands can do it, we can do it too. We can talk our brand up, we can look after our logo by updating it, we can work out what we stand for and make sure that is relayed in every publication, advert and business card we put out there – and not just ‘make do’.

A good logo will impress people but a great brand will make you memorable and ultimately make customers think of you when they next need your service/product. Branding is not just for the big boys, we may not have their budget but we have the advantage of being able to control our identity because we are not a huge global brand. And if we can work into our brand now and make it everything it should be, we will be ready for the time when we become a global brand (if that’s our goal)…