Managing my business, family and life

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–   I love being creative and directing designers

–   I want my business to deliver excellent customer service

–   I want everything we produce to be amazing and challenging

businessI love design and art, and all things creative inspire me. I have very high standards. I like good quality products and I’m drawn to exceptional customer service. I would choose this over price. I’m also really bossy and like to do things my way. So working for someone else and not having control over the output wasn’t right for me, so I set up my own business 9 years ago.

I have a very supportive family and I believe you can do anything that you put your mind to. My goals are to enjoy my life, family, career and be proud of what I have achieved. I also wanted to create a business that could embrace the creative industry and create opportunities for young designers. I want to prove that we can produce a creative agency in Stoke-on-Trent that rivals agencies in London & Manchester.

It’s all about family

My family are the most important thing and juggling the balance between work and home is hard. One thing is clear if you take your eye off the ball for just a moment, especially when it’s your own business, the repercussions are big. My life is intense, but I’ve learnt to manage it. Maybe I run the business with my heart more than my head at times, but I have great support from advisors. They help me to stay on track and focus my energy.

It’s a man’s world

I think that under the surface it is still very much a man’s world. But that’s not how my brain works. I don’t care for it. I’m a woman and I work hard. I set up a business during a recession. And I’ve gone through ups and downs and still grown a business with a team of 10. Whilst having two babies less than 2 years apart.

I never expected to have traditional ‘maternity leave’ as I knew that it would hurt my business and potentially my employees. So I’ve had to carefully balance time with my children and putting in the hours to build my business. Of course, other women might choose to do this differently. But devoting time to the business makes me cherish time with the girls even more. Thankfully I have the support of a fantastic childminder and a wonderful family. Without them, I couldn’t do it. But with their support, I’ve continued to build a business that I am proud of. The biggest challenge is that internal feeling of ‘guilt’…

Am I being the best mum I can be?

It’s about juggling time

Sometimes I think my head will explode. Every day I’m planning: What is the family wearing? Do they have clean clothes? What have I got in for everyone’s breakfast, lunch and tea? Am I on top of the shopping? Do the kids have everything they need for nursery?

Business mode

Where’s the business going? What training do the designers need? Are we on top of deadlines? Are we pricing correctly? Are we actively marketing? How many meetings do I have today? Are we delivering excellent customer service? Do we have enough cash flow?

Mummy and wife mode

Do I look smart enough? Will I be taken seriously enough? When can I get time to reflect? Do I need to catch up with friends and family? Do I have time for a run?

What makes me laugh, and know that men and women face different daily challenges, are questions like:

What are the kids having for tea?

What are we doing this weekend?

That said my husband is amazing! He is a great support at home and at work.

I’m fortunate to be supported by incredible women at work

family business
family business
business women
female designer

and at home

business woman