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GDPR opt outSeeing the wood for the trees

GDPR has dominated the thoughts of many sales directors and business development managers thoughts for the majority of 2018. GDPR legislation represents the biggest change in privacy law for more than 20 years. And the way companies collect data changes as of May 25th. This has left many companies wondering how they are going to fill the pipeline void left by their GDPR repermission campaigns. But marketing with GDPR involves a subtle change of attack for businesses that rely heavily on outbound marketing.

GDPR will sharpen your axe

gdpr marketing

Sure your contact list is going to reduce. Current re-permission rates are around 10% which might worry a lot of businesses. But take a look at your last email campaign, how many people clicked one of your call to actions? Oh, and don’t hold onto the fact that your last campaign had high open rates. Did they mark your email as ‘read’ merely to remove the red update button from their desktop or touchscreen?
after GDPR
Think of your previous email marketing as the proverbial tree falling in the woods. If no one acts on your email, then it’s certainly made no sound, had no impact and hasn’t improved your sales figures. So GDPR represents a landscaping exercise worthy of JCB. But it’ll leave you with a clear perspective of who wants to hear from you and is likely to engage in the future. Pour your efforts into engaging with these people.

Content is key

GDPR marketing

Let’s assume that post-GDPR your CRM system is now 75% lighter but full of active ambassadors of your business. However, the free GDPR event you went to in April left you unsure whether you can reach out personally and contact any of the 75% of people who opted out. So how do you increase your sales funnel? The answer, get creative and start producing content. Meet your clients where they are and let them see what they are missing. Producing content is an exercise in demonstrating your passion for your business, the features of a product or the quality of your service.

Ok, prove it!

marketing after GDPR

From January we’ve increased the content creation for Follwells as part of their live where you love marketing campaign. The content has them on page 1 for both ‘Sell my home in Market Drayton‘, ‘Dream homes Staffordshire’ and ‘Dream homes Shropshire’. Since the campaign started Follwells has seen ‘quite an increase in the number of valuation enquiries through the website’. This content forms part of an integrated campaign across Facebook, local advertising, and internal communications. And the early results are positive. During April they smashed their sales targets.

In December 2017 we knew that the early part of 2018 would be dominated by GDPR, so we created a blog with some useful insight and tips to limit the ‘damage’ that everyone thought GDPR would have on their outbound marketing. During the last 131 days, this blog has brought new prospects to our website 171 times.

GDPR content

Within the traffic (that we were able to identify) were WWF, IMG, Allied London, John Lewis, Thomson Reuters, The BBC and M&C Saatchi – the world’s largest independent marketing communications group.

So the new GDPR landscape puts a greater emphasis on creating content that propels prospects back to your website and compels them to reach out to you. And there are many tools at your disposal to get this content seen. Here are just a few:

  • Blogging – Copywriting | Infographics
  • Facebook – Ads | Pages | Messenger | Stories | Posts | Live Video
  • Instagram – Ads | Live Video | Stories | Posts
  • Linkedin – Ads | Inbox ads | Articles | Images | video
  • Public speaking – Hosting events | Guest speaking
  • Blogger outreach
  • Industry magazines – Editorial content | Paid content

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