The ‘Never Miss a Deadline’ Approach to Design

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Posted by - Starbots Creative

Time is a luxury commodity most of our clients just don’t have, so how do creative agencies ensure quality (and creative process) when they are racing to meet their client’s deadlines?

Over the past few years we have found our no hassle approach to design has drawn clients with those tight deadlines to us, because although we manage expectations we endeavour to always come through. So what impact has that had on us, and what have we learnt?

Well, we know that if our process becomes a lengthy, obtrusive way of doing things, with tons of forms and red tape then we automatically loose those in a fast paced business. We have recognised that we have to be flexible and agile not fragile creatives, this always means rolling with the punches, ready for something to come in and challenge our plan for the week. We are prepared for people to elbow their way onto our workflow and jumble our priorities.

Don’t get me wrong we always manage expectations and sometimes move deadlines around but in the end the client always gets the job when they need it. We work this way because we think a flexible designer is a stronger leaner more powerful one (think Yoga). Quick turn-arounds don’t have to mean a lack of quality / creativity, it just means you have to get there quicker.

In the end it comes down to being client focused, understanding the needs and requirements of our customers over ours – after all without them what would we do with all our creative energy?

Would we want more time? Well who wouldn’t, but we are not sure where we would find it!

Sylvie & Emma