Nurturing Creativity: A Collaborative Journey with Rob Fenton

I’m so excited to share our recent creative venture with the incredible local artist, Rob Fenton. You know how much we value creativity at Starbots Creative, right? Well, Rob has crafted two mural masterpieces for our office space that ooze creativity, inspire new ideas and let our imaginations run wild.

What struck me most about Rob is just how down-to-earth and chatty he is. And he’s not just an artist, he’s a storyteller. He brings so much heart and soul into his work, and it really shines through.

Now, let me tell you about these murals. They’re not just pieces of art, they’re like windows into our creative world. We wanted them to feel like our own secret hideaway, a space where our brand could let its hair down and have a blast. Collaborating with Rob on the designs allowed us to add the true Starbots touch and explore a new way of creatively working, thinking and doing.

But we’re not here to just talk about us. Rob’s transformed bridges and spaces along the canal for our client, Appetite, that exudes a whole new level of vibrancy and energy thanks to Rob’s touch. And let’s not forget his transformative work in the subways of Newcastle – he turned them into a canvas of community, a shared space owned by everyone.

Rob shared something fascinating with us too. Once a mural project is finished, it’s like the artwork is granted a shield of respect. It’s rare to see vandalism. It’s a powerful testament to how art can reclaim spaces, turning them from unloved corners to cherished parts of the community.

Here’s to more collaborations that infuse life into our creative endeavours. Because when you’re working with someone like Rob, every project feels like an adventure.

Catch up soon,

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