Starbots Creative Delivers Brand & Design Workshop to ISS Facility Services UK

Local marketing agency, Starbots Creative, has delivered a brand and design workshop to the UK Creative Services team at one of the world’s largest facility service providers, ISS Facility Services.

The workshop was designed to take the team outside of their comfort zone and get them thinking beyond their everyday, enabling them to discover the skills to act and work like a creative agency in their day-to-day.

Pre-workshop, the ISS team were challenged to a Scribbles project – a Starbots Creative task that allows a design team to flex their creativity and develop brands outside of client work – to share with their fellow creatives on the day.

Managing Director, Kate Cooper, and Head of Marketing, Laura Muller, of Starbots Creative led the two-day session with the ISS team, to challenge their creative process and implementation, boost their experience and exposure, and add to their design portfolio.

The workshop was made up of four parts including, a creative discussion to get an understanding of what inspires people; a presentation of everybody’s Scribbles projects; the outcome and recommendations from the day; and a walk-through of the playback session with the senior team.

Designed to get the team thinking about what inspires them and explore their own creativity, the session sparked creative discussion and uncovered a variety of design ideas whilst challenging the creatives with an external agency brief.

As a remote, virtual team, it was important to discover ways in which the team could work together to feedback and support each other. The workshop also delved into different specialisms including branding, copywriting, video and market research.

Head of Design, Sylvina Johnson and Designer, Kieran Lawton, of Starbots Creative took part in the workshop to share their creative skills and provide external design insights to the ISS Creative Services team.

Kate really enjoyed delivering the workshop, she commented, “It’s important for a creative team to break away from the day-to-day to create and think about a project that targets a completely different audience.

“There were more than ten creatives at the workshop and they all brought something unique to the table. It was thought-provoking, engaging and inspiring. There was a real shared passion for design, whether that was within brand, graphics, illustration, web, gaming or presenting. There was a huge combination of skills that, when combined, made extremely exciting teams.”

Mark Barnes, Head of Creative UK&I at ISS Facility Services, UK commented, “Starbots has delivered a fantastic branding and design workshop to my creative team, with a corresponding report that will form the basis of my approach for 2023 and beyond.

“From start to finish, working with the Starbots team was a great experience.”

Starbots Creative provide Brand, Design, Marketing, Content and Strategy workshops. Get in touch to discuss your workshop on 01782 618324 or


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