Starbots Creative Delivers Fully Integrated Digital Portal For TCL Tanker Rental

Full-service marketing agency, Starbots Creative, has developed a seamless digital portal for Leeds-based TCL Tanker Rental.

TCL was using a problematic paper-based system for their contracts, that incurred many issues such as lost contracts, hidden T&Cs, and the potential to be completed incorrectly.

They wanted to implement a slick bespoke system that improved the security and accuracy of their contract acceptance and added validation checks into the on-hire and off-hire process.

Starbots Creative produced a fully integrated digital portal for an easier and more transparent hire process, with forms, a dashboard and interactive QR codes. The portal delivers a far better experience for the customer and provides that extra security and accuracy for TCL.

Gavin Cooper, Strategy & Planning Director at Starbots Creative said:

“The TCL customer portal is a totally bespoke solution that streamlines the tanker rental process. It was delivered in 2 phases throughout a 12 month period. As phase 1 went live, and the broader team saw the benefits of a digital system, the TCL team discovered several enhancements that could further streamline their operation.

“Whilst the portal was embedded into the operational process, Starbots Creative worked on phase 2. This included a supervisor sign off process for new damage recorded; the ability to send copies of a digital contract to multiple email addresses; restructuring the database so that multiple contacts could be connected to a single company; and email alerts so that more people within the business could monitor the on/off hire process.

“We’ve worked closely with the senior TCL team to outline the operational and administrative challenges that the customer portal needed to solve.

“Delivery of such a bespoke portal involved rigorous investigation of the TCL customer journey, with the buy-in and support of the wider TCL team.

“The result is a portal that solves many headaches for TCL and delivers a simple digital journey for their clients.”

A Cloud-based solution means that contracts can be stored for up to five years after the vehicle has been returned, which could save TCL lots of time and money in the future should a contract be challenged years later.

Michael Smith, Managing Director at TCL commented:

“We want to give our customers more peace of mind – and off-hire email confirmations are part of this. They’ll include real-time documentation of the tanker condition and a video walkaround – so the hirer knows the condition of the vehicle as it’s returned to us.”


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