Harper Adams University

Customer Journey Development

Redefining a generation of students who see Harper Adams as a first-choice destination has taken the University on an explorative journey with their brand. That they wanted to expand across a range of student touch-points to enhance their student recruitment journey. With a host of events and engagement opportunities, we were asked to develop dynamic resources. That convey their compelling story and ensure the brand consistently reflects their new direction.

The Challenge

Working closely with the marketing and recruitment team, we work to understand the specific engagement needed with the audience. Be that age-group, course, or corporate specific. By utilising a secondary palette, lines within the logo and a combination of illustrations, infographics and carefully structured layering of information points. That expands the brand across a series of events, campaigns and multi-channel opportunities.

“Thank you for all the hard work getting the leaflet looking so good. I look forward to receiving the finished article. At least now the design is set and approved for future iterations.”

Debbie Heeks - Administrator, National Centre for Precision Farming


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